American Nation doesn’t speak for everyone who has decided not to take the mRNA Injection, but here are our reasons why we won’t take it. Let me explain:

It’s not a “vaccine” like past flu’s, polio, measles etc. This mRNA Injection, among other things, triggers your immune system to respond to your next Coronavirus encounter. Really?! Triggers my freaking Immune System?!? Leave my Immune System alone, thank you very little.

The Liars in government say it’s “experimental”, but many of us believe they know exactly what it’s going to do to people who take the injection, since Bill Gates has been fine-tuning it in India for years, and look how they’re dying in India right now. THAT is what will happen HERE to people who take the injection, we suspect.
There is a REASON they’re so DESPERATE as to bribe, threaten and try to scare us into getting it, and it’s NOT “for your safety”. Governments don’t give a crap about “your safety” or else alcohol, tobacco, sugar and fast food which are killing tens of millions of people every year would be banned like Hydroxychloroquine, which actually saves people from C19. (RED FLAG)
The government’s desperation and their use of the media to terrorize viewers 24/7 (RED FLAG) is reason enough for an intelligent person to stay as far away as possible from that mRNA injection IMO.
  • Hydroxychloraquine is banned, which cures C19? RED FLAG 🚩
  • Bribing people with burgers and a million dollar lottery? RED FLAG 🚩
  • 24/7 “news” fear-mongering to try to scare people into getting their injection? RED FLAG 🚩
  • Masks that DO NOT stop the virus but make you more submissive? RED FLAG 🚩
  • Inconsistent messaging like “15 days to stop the spread” and 17 months later they’re still threatening lockdowns & insisting YOU (I won’t wear one) wear a mask when Fauci admitted “Masks don’t stop the virus”? RED FLAGS 🚩
  • Media messaging in which every Mainstream Media show uses the EXACT SAME  SCRIPTED TERMINOLOGY at the SAME TIME? RED FLAG 🚩
  • Convincing YOU that *I* am responsible for YOUR safety?! LOL Utter BS, and a giant RED FLAG 🚩
Too many red flags for Thinking People. See, we don’t watch CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX or any other MSM fake news propaganda show, so we are not scared to death like those of you who DO watch those propaganda shows.
And we don’t believe a word the government or the Democrat Party Media says anymore. Not one word.
We pray for those who get that respiratory bug, and we pray that the Democrats STOP releasing new diseases at us, but we’re not so desperate that we’ll take an injection which is NOT FDA approved from people who are LIARS & Population Control advocates who are also making billions selling you on this fear-mongering campaign. GIANT RED FLAG there, too.
We at American Nation find it fascinating that so many people have decided that the government and politicians are suddenly trustworthy, after we’ve all known, for our entire lives, that politicians are Liars, Cheats and Thieves. We’ve always taken “the news” with a grain of salt, as well, after the bullcrap lying news coverage of the Kennedy assassination, the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination, the (bogus) Moon landing and 9/11 (Americans know who was really behind that attack, and they didn’t speak Arabic), and many other cover-ups and scams which have been facilitated by the Mainstream (Rockefeller) Media. 
But suddenly, roughly 40% of Americans think politicians are trustworthy, that our only recent Patriot President (Trump) was ‘a criminal’ (fake news generated b.s.), and that “the news” is suddenly telling them to truth. Wow. That must be some powerful psychological warfare they’re using on the TV these days, because most Americans know that politicians are still Liars, Cheats and Thieves, that the media is run by those same politicians now and most Americans don’t even watch CBS, ABC, CNN or the other fake news propaganda TV shows anymore.
So there you have it. 

Praying for the best, but expecting the worst right now. 🇺🇸

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