I’m just waiting for Americans to take action on our own behalf, instead of laying down like gullible, compliant dogs while dangerous and hostile mentally ill people continue to decimate our nation, our culture and our churches.

Clearly, with FEW exceptions locally, America really had no REAL Pastoral leadership in this country, except for Franklin Graham. I’ve been a worship Pastor for 22 years and I am independent now because I will not stand with weak Pastors who have allowed this Deep State government to make church illegal. When a Pastor allows dangerous and hostile mentally ill people to shut down his church, he was never a real Pastor but a PINO – Pastor In Name Only – getting paid for doing a job that, when push came to shove, they were all unwilling to stand up for their congratulations and protect their churches God-given Constitutional rights.

Harsh words for a harsh reality. Real Pastors know our undeniable, God-given Constitutional rights. Real Senators and Representatives know our undeniable, God-given Constitutional rights, too. How many of those do we have, who have spoken out to their Constituents and told them to CONTINUE to exercise their God-given rights during this PLANdemic?! With the exception of South Dakota, I’m thinking about ZERO.

We the People are the only REAL representation we have and IMO the Second Amendment was passed for EXACTLY times such as this… and yet here we sit, talking about how WRONG it all is. I just shake my head, ashamed of myself and my fellow Americans right now for doing nothing when it’s obvious there has been a Communist COUP, a complete takeover of the United States government and it has been successful.

How dare we call ourselves Americans when we aren’t even willing to fight for our God-given Constitutional rights, not even as we watched them all be taken away, right before our eyes.

What’s happened to Americans?

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  1. My name is Edward Spacer boy do i have blockbusters to disclose to you about what’s going on and the evidence to back it up

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