There was a time, when I was a boy, that anyone could stand on a street corner in the public square shouting anything at all, even racist epithets, and no one gave a crap because THAT IS THE RIGHT THE US CONSTITUTION GIVES US ALL.

The NWO Communist Rothschild Cartel created the idea of “Hate Speech” and sold it to the ignorant easily-offended Liberals who never grew up emotionally in order to start chipping away at our right to free speech. F*** these people. F*** them all.

My family is disconnecting from this fake, NWO Communist system. We refuse to be a part of this Anti-American idiocy, with their child abuse in public schools, blatant Racism (erasing White people from TV), cutting off our food, gas prices through the roof, starting wars with other countries, Black Racist Privilege absolutely everywhere you look, Stalker banks and corrupt Banksters, sex, violence and nudity on Primetime TV, totally dishonest and corrupt Mainstream Propaganda Media and extremely corrupt Insurrectionist government, stolen elections, abducting our children, child sex trafficking – the list is long and we’re disconnecting. Eff those effing people (Forget those freaking people.)

We are connected with others who are abandoning this sick system, working for ourselves now, supporting small local businesses and NOT doing business with Apple, Google, Amazon, Walmart, T-Mobile/Verizon and the rest of the massive global monopoly of businesses that the NWO Communist Rothschild Cartel are hoarding. F*** the Rothschilds and f*** their f***ing businesses.

Millions of us are bailing on this sick system now, growing our own food and bartering locally, liquidating 401K’s, CD’s, investment and retirement accounts and using safes and Smith & Wesson to secure our cash at home. We are very well armed, deep in our faith, courageous, unafraid, discerning, vigilant and willing to die for our country for our children’s sake and we are so much happier since we disconnected from the NWO Communist Rothschild Cartel system.

Now, however, since disconnecting from the mish-mash of confusion that these NWO Communists keep generating, that keeps many people in fear and paralyzed, unable to see the daily Terrorism right on their TV or their rights being stripped away as they watch, we can see clearly now, more clearly than ever before. We are preparing to defend ourselves from these NWO Communist Democrats and their Rothschild Cartel bosses.

There is no such thing as “Hate Speech”, except in the minds of godless Liberals who are offended by everything… and the NWO Communists who are waging full-on War against all Americans. We reject the idea that ANY speech is illegal, for our Constitution and the First Amendment acknowledges our God-given right to say anything and everything we want to say, without fear of any government tyranny.

Eff those effing people. The War is on and We the People, freedom-loving Americans, will relentlessly abandon this sick, degenerate NWO Communist Rothschild Cartel monopoly, everywhere it has raised its ugly head: stores, government, hospitals, media – everywhere they’re festering and every stronghold they’ve established.

We hereby declare War against the NWO Communist Rothschild Cartel, the Communist Democrat Party and any and all Co-Conspirator Traitors who are helping them attempt to destroy our sovereign nation. Eff those effing people. We will drive them back to the Hell from which they rose, and we will do so in confidence, in victory and in Jesus’s powerful and precious name.

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