It’s called “Liberalism Disorder”, in which the afflicted think wrong is right, good is bad and up is down. Like “other” unnatural human behaviors which are NOT found in the animal kingdom, Romans 1:19-31 explains it clearly: “…turned over to a deranged mind…”

While Romans 1 explains exactly the behavior of the Liberalism Disorder afflicted mind, I suspect there may be a more sinister human aspect to this phenomena. Fluoride comes to mind immediately, but more sinister than that are the people behind pushing Flouride on us and who are behind the dumping of chemicals on us all, such as Aluminum and Barium in our skies for years now, causing mass Dementia and other ultimately fatal debilitating diseases like Cancer and mass neurological problems, as well.

I’m talking, of course, about the OTHER ‘root of all evil’ on this planet, the Rothschild family and their Co-Conspirators – the Rothschild Cartel. We practically ignore this Cartel’s Evildoers, like the Rockefellers, George Soros, Bill Gates and the Clintons, who prance around the planet terrorizing people and fostering death and poverty, committing atrocious crimes worldwide with seeming impunity. That’s because the Rothschild-owned Mainstream Media ignores their crimes and the people of First World nations have been trained to keep their eyes fixed on ‘the all-knowing television’, and now their “SmartPhones” much of their waking hours, and their TV’s don’t tell them the truth.

In fact, their TV’s lie to them daily, making up completely false narratives and create the illusion of a fake Reality and present an authority that many people don’t even QUESTION anymore. What happened to “Question Authority”? Gone now.

Eliminate that Cartel and suddenly virtually ALL Evil on the planet goes away – no more wars, hunger (the Cartel are hoarding in the neighborhood of 90-95% of the hard wealth on Earth – gold, platinum, diamonds, etc.), disease would literally be eradicated.

When we KNOW there are cures for Cancer and other diseases but “they” are keeping these cures from us, it is the Rothschilds who are “they, and it is the Rothschild Cartel who are withholding the cures from us. The Rothschilds own Big Pharma, and they own the Mainstream Media and virtually, if not literally, EVERY major industry on Earth that provides life-sustaining goods and services for First World nations – food, medicine, transportation, entertainment, communications – this Cartel owns it all, and the Rothschilds run the Cartel.

The question is, why have we ALLOWED these wannabe-Dictators who advocate Depopulation and a “one world government” (read UN Agenda 21, for goodness sake – the Rothschilds WROTE it) to obtain such a massive monopoly on goods and services?

This has been going on for hundreds of years, this accumulation and hoarding of wealth and corporations by the Rothschild family. What a GIANT RED FLAG and yet we sit here talking about WHAT is being done and never discuss WHO is DOING IT.

We are in deep trouble and it all stems back to this family: the Rothschilds. We need to do something about the Rothschild Cartel… immediately, if Mankind is to survive, because the Rothschild cartel are changing Human DNA worldwide as we talk about this.

Think about that – and then think about WHO is doing all this… and then let’s think about what WE are going to do in response, to protect ourselves, our children and grandchildren, our nation and Mankind from these evil people.

When we discover that a Rat is in our house, how long do we lament THAT he is there, or WHAT the Rat has done/is doing? Not long. We immediately launch into an effort to eradicate this Rat from our house., to eliminate the creature that is causing so many other problems in our home.

But why, then, are we still lamenting WHAT this family has done/is doing to our nation and our world, when our children have been disappearing for decades, when Cancer, Diabetes, heart problems and mental illness have become widespread, epidemic and getting worse, not better, for DECADES now?

We only need to look at the facts to understand who and where the Rat is, who has been causing our planet’s biggest problems (wars, poverty, mental illness, etc.) for decades. Let’s not focus onWhat is going on?” but more importantly “WHO is doing all of this?”

And about these “Trains to Nowhere” that have been built nationwide – really, people?

1. They’re dumping Dementia-causing Aluminum on us, in the skies above us, daily, eventually rendering us all incapable of deciding NOT to “Get  on the train”.

2. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers funded Adolph’s effort and used propaganda to brainwash Europe to hate the Jewish people in the 1930’s/1940’s, which resulted in the infamous trains to Auschwitz. 

3. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers still own the global Mainstream Media and are still using it for propaganda purposes. No sane or reasonable person will deny that. 

4. Trains are being built nationwide right now(remember the last time a hostile government used trains?), which, in many areas, serve NO significant populations, being dubbed “The Train to Nowhere”.

Liberals like to call what I just pointed out “a conspiracy theory”. It’s not rocket science. Simple Critical Thinking skills, discernment and/or common sense can put 2 & 2 together and get “Genocidal Depopulation”. It’s not a “conspiracy theory” when it’s happening right before our eyes… except in the eyes of those brainwashed by their TV’s. 


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