Are you tired of the Treason yet? The ongoing, Obama-led, Rothschild financed Treason that has taken place – and still is taking place – in OUR government, in OUR Congress, a government defined by OUR Constitution as a government “of the people, for the people and by the people” – are you tired of it yet? I am.

When a government deceives YOU – the People – in order to terrorize you into taking a deadly Bioweapon injection that THEY created, it is NOT your government.

When a government forces you to do things that YOU – the People – don’t want to do, it is NOT your government.

When a government lies to YOU – the People – it is NOT your government.

When a government censors YOU – the People – on major social media websites to keep you from learning what is true, and uses the major network News stations to concoct decieving and untrue narratives in order to manipulate YOU – the People – it is NOT your government.

When a government intentionally destroys the small businesses of YOU – the People – like they did in 2020/2021, it is NOT your government.

When a government intentionally destroys the economy where YOU – the People – live and work, like they’re doing right now, it is NOT your government.

This Treason has been going on since 1913. When the Federal Reserve Bank was hired to take over the duties of the U.S. Treasury, the fix was in. The Infiltration of virtually every government agency began at that time, and the Department of Justice, the FBI, CIA, FDA, FCC, NSA and Homeland Security have all since been completely compromised.

Not my government.

1st QUEER/TRANSVESTITE POTUS/FLOTUS CONTINUES TO DESTROY OUR NATION ~ When Barry Soetoro, aka “Barack Obama”, took office as President of the United States, he made a statement that should have caused us all to rise up and throw this Communist out of the White House. He said he was going to reduce the USA to a “third world country”. Look around – that’s exactly what he’s been doing, and it’s what his Flunky Biden is doing, as well. Everything that happens in this country happens on purpose. The devastation of Small Businesses was intentional. It was part of the plan that was called “Covid-19”. Destroying America’s small businesses, which are the heart of the American economy, was intentional, and orchestrated by the same WEF/Bilderberg Group @$$holes who brag about depopulating the world and creating a “one world government”, which, if you hadn’t thought this through yet, would be a DICTATORSHIP.

Yes, the Obamas (Transvestite Michael and Barry, and the Clintons and the Bushes) work for the Rothschild Criminal Syndicate, who masterminded this effort to destroy our country. Our entire Congress works for the Rothschilds, too, each playing the role – Actors – that the Rothschilds have assigned them. There is always a ‘Trey Gowdy’ (Ron Paul, Rand Paul, RMG Saber Rattlers) pretending to be our protector, but no one in Congress has EVER been charged with the treasonous crimes they’re exposing and committing ON OUR DIME and IN OUR GOVERNMENT.

WHILE YOU’RE BUSY JERKING YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE OFF ~ While you’re busy focusing on dying your hair pink or blue, or what kind of energy drinks to buy, or hating on courageous Patriot Americans, these @$$holes are destroying YOUR country and ours, the United States of America.

While you’re busy encouraging your boys to be girls, and encouraging your girls to be boys, and medicating your children and arranging to have their genitals mutilated in your delusional effort to “Trans-form” them into something they are NOT, and NEVER WILL BE, these @$$holes are

literally destroying your country.

While you’re busy watching Leftist, Communist, violent and sexually explicit “Prime Time” TV shows with your children, your City Council is importing homeless people from outside the area with the explicit intention of destroying your community.

Wake up now, Americans. Turn off your TV.

CONGRESS IS GONE ~ Congress is literally gone now. We the People have no Congress. None of the people purporting to be “Congressmen” represent you and I, or any American Citizen, any longer. These Traitors have long ago been installed into Congress by the Rothschild Criminal Syndicate, and they serve the Rothschilds, who pay them well for their Treason – which is how virtually all Congressmen become Millionaires shortly after taking a Congressional seat. Some are elected by an ignorant American Public who votes for the person with the best signs, paid for by the Rothschilds, but most are installed by Voter Fraud, Election Fraud, and the use of electronic voting machines that the Rothschild Criminal Syndicate has provided, that they use to manipulate the vote totals. It’s all FRAUD. All of it.

Click image to read UN Agenda 21 Manifesto

Are you tired of seeing White people cancelled on TV and on TV commercials yet? You’re next, you know, even if you’re not White. Their plan, called “UN Agenda 21” was made public in 1992, and calls for reducing the Earth’s population by 8 billion people, which is PLANNED GENOCIDE, leaving just 245 million people alive. Did you know this? No? Did you know that the people who you call “Conspiracy Theorists”, who the Rothschild Fake Media TAUGHT YOU to call “Conspiracy Theorists”, are really Truthtellers and investigators who have uncovered the truth for you? No, you probably don’t know any of this, because you’ve been brainwashed to believe that bulls*** is true and that the truth is bulls***. Turn off your TV.

That’s why we don’t take YOU – the brainwashed People – very seriously anymore. We can see that you’re as compromised as the DOJ, FBI, CIA and FCC and the rest of OUR government. But the rest of us are about to take OUR government back from the Rothschild-Democrat Party Traitors who have run this Shadow Government since 1913 and who took it AGAIN from We the People on 11/3/2020 by election fraud.

We the INFORMED People are tired of the Treason, and we have collectively decided to take OUR government back. Hope you join us, but if not, we’re doing it anyway.

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