September 18, 2020 by Pat Riot, Publisher of American Nation ~ CALIFORNIA’S “THE PEDOPHILE PROTECTION ACT”

It is quite shocking to see the Democrat Party passing laws to protect Pedophiles, child molesters and child predators. JFK would have thrown these sickos out of his Democrat Party, but not only is this not JFK’s Democrat Party, the Democrats murdered Kennedy for not obeying the NWO Globalists.

But here we are, in 2020 and Democrats have come out of the closet in so many ways, advocating violence against innocent people, intentionally bankrupting thousands of small businesses in California alone and now this.

Democrat Party legislators pass the PEDOPHILE PROTECTION ACT in California – Newsom SIGNS the bill into law

Governor Gavin Newsom just signed into law SB145, a law protecting Pedophiles from being labeled “Sex Offenders” when a 24 year old homosexual man commits sodomy or oral sex on your 14 year old son.

The Democrat Party passing the Pedophile Protection Act is just one more clear snapshot of how sick and how disconnected from Americans this party has become. Washington DC and Hollywood/Mainstream Media Pedophiles have pushed the anti-American Democrat Party right into extreme Leftist territory, in which sex with children is approved and displaying the American flag at their debates is not approved.

Today’s Democrat Party is not just anti-American. Unnamed sources disclose that this party financially supports terrorist groups, Arsonists and Anarchists. According to our sources, the pallets of bricks left for terrorists in Portland and Seattle and Minneapolis didn’t just appear magically; those bricks were donated to the terrorists in those Democrat-run cities by Democrat Party sources.

As the #WalkAway movement is booming, and tens of thousands of former Democrats are finding homes in the Republican Party and as registered Independents, it’s become clear that the Democrat Party represents it’s handlers, the NWO Globalists who own/operate the Mainstream Media and who dictate programming – no longer reporting the news, but broadcasting daily propaganda scripts designed to foster hate and anti-American dissent.  These Globalist Communists have used their media broadcasting companies for psychological warfare against viewers and to wage a collective hate campaign against President Donald Trump for 4 years.

David Rockefeller, Chairman of the Bilderberg Group, NWO Globalists determined to take over world government and commit mass murder ‘population control’ by vaccine staff wonders when the FCC is going to pull the broadcasting licenses of CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and FOX for openly trying to overthrow the US Government. If not now, when? And if we the people don’t step up and stop this Democrat-Party-mental-illness-on-parade, then who? Surely, President Trump’s hands are tied until after the election as NWO Media tries to goad Trump into saying something/anything they can use to sway public opinion against him. Instead, public approval continues to grow for President Trump, as the most recent Rasmussen Poll shows Trump with a 53% approval rating among American voters.

All these riots and fires set on the West Coast, the burning down of Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle and LA have worked against the Democrat Party as support for Trump continues to grow daily.

This California SB145, the Pedophile Protection Act, doesn’t help the Democrat Party one bit in our journalistic opinion. This new law simply reveals how sick and deranged Democrat Party leaders have become. Not the best way to garner votes, we’re guessing, as the 2020 Presidential election draws closer every day. Reports that Democrats are scared to death right now that they will lose a minimum of 30 seats in the House of Representatives, and staff and staff all agree that this estimate is probably a low number. We expect a landslide like this nation has never seen before on November 3, 2020, as America becomes more and more of a “Trump Nation” every day.


September 17, 2020 by Pat Riot, Publisher of American Nation ~ The NWO – Global Terrorists. The most destructive group of individuals/families on the planet. Wealthy, wealth-hoarding, controlling, murderers and manipulators.

There is such a chasm between what is true and what the NWO tells you is true through their Mainstream Media shows (NWO Media), it’s unbelievable that anyone still watches CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC , CBS and FOX News anymore. The NWO has turned those stations into Fake News propaganda shows full of misinformation, false flags, personal  demonization of good people and the worse tactic that NWO Media uses: withholding big news stories when they reveal how great President Trump really is – 3 Middle East peace treaties negotiated over the past 3 years when Democrats and Republicans couldn’t get it done over the past 70 years; Scores of abducted children being found over the past 4 weeks who were part of the Global Child Abduction Sex Trafficking ring of the wealthy ‘elite’ are just 2 major stories the Media won’t report.

Democrat Party legislators pass PEDOPHILE PROTECTION ACT in California – Newsom SIGNS the bill into law

The NWO Media protects Pedophiles while California’s Democrat Party Legislators have proposed lessening sentences for Child Molesters, Pedophile and Child Predators who sodomize minorsThe NWO investigative team will keep you informed when that California Pedophile Protection vote takes place and we will let you know which Legislators, besides Democrat Gavin Newsom, votes to protect Pedophiles  – California Assembly vote of 41-17 and a State Senate vote of 23-10. ALL DEMOCRAT PARTY Legislators voted to protect Pedophiles who sodomize minors or engage in oral sex with 14-17 year-old boys. We will publish their names as soon as they are made public. California voters have a right to know who the Pedophile protectors are in the California legislature.

More coming about The NWO Pedophile protecting Global Terrorists… much more.

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