The “Best Kept Secret” on Earth right now, thanks to the “investigative reporters” of America’s Mainstream Media – who no longer “investigate” anything and are no longer “reporters” – are the wealthy families who have orchestrated this attack on the United States of America. as well as being responsible for the 4-year attack on the US government. Meet the Bilderberg Group.

These NWO Globalist families – the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the Royal family in Britain and a few old-money families of Europe, and relative newcomers the Bush family, Clintons, Soros, Zuckerberg, Gates and more – have been hoarding the worlds wealth for centuries. In fact, we understand these old-school families have hoarded something like 92% of the worlds hard assets like gold, platinum, diamonds and control so much real estate that we would hunt them down if we knew.

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The Bilderberg’s own and control so many essential-product global corporations, including all six major American broadcasting agencies and many major global media agencies, where these wealthy wannabe-dictators have spent years in countries with no laws against using television to brainwash viewers, in some Communist nations where brainwashing is the reason for TV. The Bilderberg’s have used the most sophisticated psychological abuse techniques known to Man on televisions worldwide and now they are here, in America, having bought and now control every national broadcasting corporation in the USA.

The hatred for Donald Trump is a perfect example of Bilderberg brainwashing technique at work. The hatred isn’t natural; it’s not because Trump is “such a bad person”. That obsessive hate is the result of ongoing media brainwashing, the intentional manipulation of public opinion designed specifically to incite hatred for the President of the United States. And it works. One might ask themselves why the FCC has allowed this kind of subconscious psychological warfare to be aimed at American television viewers, and the answer is simple.

The Bilderberg’s (NWO for short) have paid off so many Democrat and Republican Party politicians in order to relax the laws, to change our laws from protecting viewers, to not protecting viewers. The FCC Chairmen has likely been bought, or is serving under duress, we surmise. Ten years ago, the psychological warfare which is being allowed would never have made it on the air in America. Today, in the compromised government world we live in now, that psychological warfare and subliminal messaging runs 24/7, 365 days a year on America’s Mainstream Media consortium of CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and MSNBC.

against monopolies now. I know Obama allowed a law against propaganda to expire which explains why CNN and the others have gotten so bad since 2012. They have the deepest pockets and they are paying off everyone to get their UN one world government dictatorship plan in place. There’s really only one solution. 

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