The evidence of election fraud during the 2020 Presidential election is overwhelming. From 2000 Mules to thousands of testimonies by eyewitnesses at the Polls, from the Italian Secret Service report to the widespread violation of state and federal election laws in Democrat-government Blue states, every American knows that President Donal Trump won the 2020 election by a landslide, if not for fraud.

From Forgotten History on YouTube, “2020 Election Fraud: Part 1 – Forgotten History“:

This video by FORGOTTEN HISTORY really sums up the 2020 Presidential election fraud clearly. All honest Americans are wondering why this election fraud and blatant violation of state and federal election laws has been allowed to stand for more than 3 years. Many Americans are very well aware that what took place on November 3, 2020 was the overthrow of the U.S. Government by Globalist Central Banker Terrorists and their Democrat Party accomplices. We get it. We see it. And we are not happy about any of it.

Since the 2020 Presidential election fraud event, the Insurrectionist Democrat Party government has intentionally kept our Southern border wide open, while the Globalist Banker Cabal has been transporting millions of Muslim Terrorists from the Middle East nations to Mexico, to invade our country. To date, they have transported more than 12 million of these Muslim Terrorists across the sea to Mexico, to facilitate this invasion of the United States of America. We see it. And we are not happy about it.

Smart Americans have responded by buying millions of guns and hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition, preparing for what appears to be an inevitable war with the Globalist Banker Cabal’s and the Democrat Party’s Terrorist Invaders, here on our soil. Surely, at some point, good and faithful Americans are also likely to take action against the godless Liberals who have turned Traitor on this country, virtually all of whom support this Terrorist invasion, and who also supported the blatant, illegal 2020 Presidential election fraud, many of whom helped to facilitate this 2020 election fraud by casting fraudulent multiple ballots and stuffing the community ballot boxes with fraudulent ballots.

The good news is that Americans will win this war with these Communist Banker Insurrectionist infiltrators. Americans will win this war with their Communist Liberal American Traitors, as well. As the Banker Cabal continues to destroy our nation’s economy in order to force our nation into a Second Great Depression, We the People have risen up, more determined than ever to root the enemy out of our government and out of our communities. United we stand, and we do stand united in this goal.

More will be revealed… God bless you, my fellow Americans, and God bless America.

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