NO “TRANSGENDER” IN IN THE 1960’s, ’70’s, 80’s, ’90’s, OR 2000’s ~ There was no “Gender Dysphoria” when I was growing up. Also, no AIDS, HIV, no Hepatitis B or C, no endless streams of flu “Variants” or even Television Terrorism. There was no fake “Transgenderism”, which is just another word for “mentally ill” and “delusional”. These, we believe, are ALL diseases invented by Big Pharma “Scientists” (and we use the term loosely), invented by, released onto the public by and promoted and used for TV terrorism by the Central Banker families who developed and released Covid-19, and then used it for TV Terrorism. These diseases are NOT natural, they are MAN-MADE, they are all new, and – coincidentally (sarc) – coming at a time when the Rothschilds/WEF UN Agenda 21/30 (goals include the forced Genocide of 8 billion people, a takeover of all Sovereign nations, introduction of a digital monetary system in which all of Earth’s inhabitants become Slaves to the Rothschild Criminal Syndicate/WEF) is being implemented & forced onto all of us by a handful of wealthy Globalist/Central Bankers, who – by the way, own the World Health Organization (WHO), the entire global Media who broadcasts Terrorist Propaganda 24/7, 365, and owns and/or controls virtually all Corporate Hospitals where massive COVID Fraud took place and where Remdesivir was used by Corporate Doctors & Nurses to murder millions of people who were seeking help for the Flu, after being misled and terrorized by the NWO Media’s 24/7 TV Terrorism, into believing they had the imaginary, never-isolated-so-it-doesn’t-exist “Covid-19 virus”.

THE CHILDREN ARE PAYING THE PRICE ~ Then there’s the issues with The Children, who, by the way, didn’t start disappearing in America until after 1913, the year the Rothschild’s bank became “The Federal Reserve Bank”, a private Rothschild-owned bank – not a government agency bank, like the U.S. Treasury – and took over the job of the US Treasury, creating taxes on Americans for the first time since 1776 and creating the IRS to strongarm Americans into paying outrageous taxes that the Fed said we owed. Rarely, but occasionally, there were the kids, growing up in the 20th century, who had been molested as children, whose psyches had been violated by a man or men, who thought they were “Queer”, but Crossdresser/Transvestites were never to be seen. There is a psychological disruption, a phenomena which occurs when a child is sexually violated by a man, and every Queer knows this. Trauma resides in the mind, body and spirit, it can be extremely hard to recover from its effects. The good news, which the Central Banker-owned Media and corporate hospital doctors will never tell you, is that one’s spirit resides much deeper than the trauma can affect. Recovery from sexual violations and sexual trauma are possible and likely, with the right treatment, although many men who have been violated simply surrender to the trauma, believe “I am who I am”, and live a life devoid of the deep emotional connection and healing that comes with a natural relationship with someone of the opposite gender, and many go on to violate other children. 

WE’VE IDENTIFIED THE ENEMY ~ I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this, right? And I’ve only touched on the tiniest tip of the iceberg, which no one else dares touch, it appears. No one. When one does a little research, the Truth begins to become more obvious. For example, thanks to eyewitness accounts and testimony, we’ve learned that the Central Banker/WEF Globalist/Terrorists engage in Satanic worship, they abduct and sacrifice children to Molech, they engage in child blood rituals and they all vow to never tell the secrets of what they participate in. Hence, Epstein’s Island, and Bill Clinton’s 26 flight log listings, and Bill Gates and Oprah and many, if not all, of the Democrat Party Congressional members names on Epstein’s flight logs. That’s why the corrupt Department of Justice isn’t releasing all of the names on those flight logs – their names are ON those flight logs. And that’s why the government is pushing Queer Everything. That’s why 1% of the population gets nearly 50% of the media’s attention. The Bankers are Pedophiles. And occupy Washington DC as a Shadow Government for more than 150 years, so they control the U.S. Government – but they are NOT “the U.S. Government” – they are unelected Insurrectionists. And they are vicious Murderers. And definitely Psychopaths. And they need to be stopped if this world is ever going to be what God intended it to be. 

Click image to download/read the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Communist Genocidal Manifesto called UN Agenda 21 being implemented in communities across the USA

The Root of All Evil Isn’t Money Anymore ~ We are waaaay past the “The love of money is the root of all evil” thing, now. (Still true, but these Psychopaths have taken it to another Narcissistic Delusional level.) They’ve stumbled over into the “We have all the money, so now we want to rule the world and make every person on Earth our Slave” thing. That isn’t a “conspiracy theory”, like TV Terrorism has taught you to believe. That is a bone fide FACT, Jack, documented in their own words in a document called “United Nation Agenda 21“. These Central Banker Terrorists, who own Big Pharma and control the corporate hospital systems in America, who have been experimenting on children and other people, much in the same ways that Nazi Scientists did in the 1940’s, have waged war against Humanity and have boldly announced their detailed plans in that document, Agenda 21 (and the updated version Agenda 30). That you haven’t read it yet, says volumes about you. It’s right there, published all over the internet, just waiting for you to start paying attention to what is going on around you, in plain sight. Here, Mr. & Mrs. Lazy – click aNyWhErE right here, then READ IT. To those who have read it, it is mind-boggling that so many Americans have been brainwashed into NOT reading this New World Order Communist/Genocidal Manifesto, because that’s what Agenda 21/30 actually is. It is being implemented in my county, and I guarantee you it is being implemented in your county, as well, by godless City Councilpersons and County Supervisors. Anything related to “Sustainability” is Agenda 21-related.

IS BIG PHARMA CAUSING (TRANS)GENDER DYSPHORIA? ~ In our observant opinions, the answer is clear. We believe the answer is “Yes”. Big Pharma doctors and Scientists have been experimenting on American children for decades now, using public schools as their twisted justification for giving children multiple vaccines before their little bodies have even adjusted to life as Human Beings, just like the Nazi “Scientists” experimented on Jews in the 1940’s (that’s because these Psychopaths are the decendants of those same Nazi Scientists, who were brought here to work for NASA and Big Pharma during “Operation Paperclip” during/after WWII – look it up), while unwitting parents cooperate with these poisonous Bioweapon experiments called “VaXXines”. Today, many public/government school districts’ demands are that children must be injected up to 28 times before the age of 3 with Bioweapons that today’s Big Pharma Nazi Scientists claim are “vaccines” and also claim they are “preventative medicine”, which, in our observation, couldn’t be further from the truth. The vaXXines being injected into children today are clearly Bioweapons designed to cause a multitude of biological, psychological and mental problems, as evidenced by the massive increase in Cancers, neurological problems, mental health and emotional problems, Diabetes, an epidemic of Autism and other special needs, and now, thanks to the mRNA Bioweapon, epidemic levels of Myocarditis and heart attacks, strokes and countless autoimmune diseases – and deaths. Hardly the stuff “medicine” is made of.

PASSIVE, APATHETIC, BRAINWASHED AMERICANS, DOING NOTHING TO DEFEND OURSELVES? ~ Yet here we are, just being Americans, except we’re not doing what Americans have always done when their/our children are threatened or assaulted or attacked. We sit here watching, driving our children to corporate doctors who inject our children with these poisonous injections, and then we wait for our children to get sick. That’s essentially what we do now. SIDS Babies, for example, virtually all have had vaccine injections within 2 weeks prior to their deaths. Virtually ALL of SIDS Baby deaths occur within two weeks of Big Pharma “vaXXine” injections. Still want your kids to be vaccinated? Think hard about this, and then think again.

We believe Homeschooling is the answer. We talk about this on American Nation Homeschool Network. Check it out, then you can decide what’s best for your family and what’s best for your children.

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