June 24, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher at AmericanNation.net ~ With a 99.98% survival rate, and the absurd Propaganda/Media Terrorism going on for the past 18 months and especially the desperate attempts to coerce folks into getting the untested, experimental mRNA injection, the staff at AN has unanimously concluded that the entire COVID Terrorism effort is an OBVIOUS FRAUD. AN staff does not watch Terrorism TV shows, such as ABC, CBS, CNN and the rest, however, so none of our staff have been brainwashed to believe that the terror is real.

NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT: Democrat Governors originally murdered the elderly, by mandating that COVID positive elderly patients be transferred BACK to their respective care homes in order to get the numbers up, in order to scare everyone and to support the Mainstream Media’s story in this Deep State Terrorist scam, intentionally exposing the elderly to it because they knew that any coronavirus will kill the elderly.

Our sources conclude that the Bilderberg Group (aka NWO) and Deep State Democrats committed murder and terrorism by executing this SCAMdemic in the first place, an undeniable PLANNEDemic, right before our eyes, but COVID is definitely NOT the Boogieman that it seems.

Planned and scripted for years, we believe this COVID Scam is a NWO Bilderberg Group (NWO) creation, and that it is just a part of the NWO’s decades-long effort to terrorize the world into accepting their UN Agenda 21 planned “One World Government”, intended to be a Terrorist dictatorship, which was published in a publication called “UN Agenda 21” in 1992. To their credit, the Bilderberg Group warned us in 1992 that their goal is to reduce the Earth’s population to 245,000 people when they published UN Agenda 21, but it seems that we were all too busy working two jobs, raising our families and worrying about paying our bills to pay attention to their quiet public proclamation which had NO media coverage whatsoever.

NWO Democrats appear to be guilty of so many crimes over the past 5 years, committed right out in the open as we all watch. No Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, Barry Soetoro aka “Barrack Obama”, regardless of mountains of proof and evidence, have been investigated, arrested or charged with any of their multiple crimes, such as domestic terrorism, murder (Governor Cuomo arranging for the deaths of thousands of elderly care home patients), election fraud, harassment of a sitting President for 5 years, spying on a campaign opponent (Obama, Biden and Clinton), Quid Pro Quo (Biden admission re. Ukraine), using the media in an ongoing attempt to defraud and intentionally misinform the public, using the mainstream media to manipulate public opinion, international terrorism (COVID), using the media as a weapon, for starters, from our perspective, and nothing is being done about any of it because the FBI, CIA, NSA and the DOJ are all corrupt and compromised now. No  investigations, no charges, no subpoenas – absolutely nothing is being done about any of the terrorism for which Democrats appear to be responsible.

SONOMA COUNTY CA TERRORISM: Sonoma County began being terrorized shortly after President Donald Trump took office in 2017 (what a coincidence). Sonoma County hasn’t had any problem with fires for 100 years prior to what appears to be Arson which began in 2017, and when the first fires started, we all watched the fires spreading down the 101, not because of “wind” but because that’s the road the Arsonists traveled down, in order to start all of the early morning fires. The media blamed it on “wind”, and CalFire blamed it on PGE, but we watched the fires being set live on television, and we know that Google Earth has recordings of all of those fires being started, since Google records and saves satellite video of Sonoma County 24/7, 365. But the “official” story is that “It was the wind” and “It was a downed power line”. It’s just a coincidence that these fires started shortly after President Trump took office and continued throughout his tenure as President (sarc), and now they’ve drained the lakes in order to convince us that “There is a drought”, while we know NWOsom diverted 90% of California’s water to the ocean during 2020, and this “drought” is just more Democrat Party terrorism. 

It’s not just “Fire Season” “they” are using to terrorize Sonoma County (that’s what they’re calling it now – “Fire Season” – because they have no intention of stopping this terrorism). They’ve also begun dumping chemicals over Sonoma County every day of the week (though not on weekends when everyone is off work and can observe).

For my wife and I, we are leaving California now. We have many friends who have left CA for GOP-governed states and those states – Idaho, Tennesee, South Dakota, Florida – have none of the BS we experience here in CA: No forced vaccinations, no homeless camps everywhere, no fires, no daily chemtrails, no outrageous fees and taxes, no shutting down/destroying small businesses, no shutting down churches and no terrorizing citizens with a virus which has a 99.98% survival rate. That survival rate alone is proof that everything else, including mRNA injections, are nothing but the NWO/Globalist Agenda playing out here. Who shuts down the economy and mandates masks for the entire population for a virus with a 99.98% SURVIVAL RATE!? Communist Democrat Party Terrorists, that’s who.

Click here to check out SonomaCountyPatriots.com simple, comprehensive plan for identifying and removing anti-American Leftist Agitators from local government.

We can see that California appears to have become a Terrorism ‘practice pad’ for the NWO Communists now, most likely practicing what they intend to do nationwide in order to take down the USA in order to make America part of their planned “One World Government” dictatorship. Perhaps It’s time for We the People to take matters into our own hands. Someone needs to fight back `against these Communists and Communist Democrat Party Traitors. We think it’s you and I.

Let’s start talking in our respective communities and make a plan to take steps which will secure our freedom and Liberty for our communities, our families, ourselves and our posterity. American Nation staff and associates have put together a simple, comprehensive plan which will identify and remove all Leftists from local, state and national government. It can be found here in another article on AN and on SonomaCountyPatriots.com. Start with your community. We can do this, and your love of this great nation and love for your families will provide sufficient fuel to root out the ‘Rats among us, who are all implementing UN Agenda 21, not America’s agenda.

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  1. Murder the elderly they did! And they should be held accountable! Those monsters! I’m so proud of you all for speaking out! Because, personally, I’m sick of this crap! They violated so many Nuremberg codes it ain’t even funny! And they will account for it one day! God bless you all!

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