January 8, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher of AmericanNation.net ~ First off, we must say we are grateful that President Trump is the man he is. 4 years of public abuse and character assassinations, false accusations and terrorizing the President of the United States has all come down to this… and President Trump is still standing and we suspect that he is about to respond to these Traitors, NWO Globalists, Murderers and Media TDS/psychotic Trump-Haters.

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Those of us who know Trump are practically giddy with anticipation, and Pelosi clearly is “anticipating”, too. 12 days left of Trump’s first term and Pelosi is desperately trying to push President Trump out 12 days early. Why is that, you ask?

It’s not because the Democrat Party’s hired thugs ANTIFA was snuck into the Capital building by Capital Security, or because Capital Security straight up murdered a peaceful Patriot Veteran who was not posing any kind of a threat, which video clearly shows was premeditated Murder. While both of those things occurred, it’s true, and were captured on video, which the co-conspirator corrupt NWO Media will not show you, those are not the reasons Pelosi is trying to remove Trump just 12 days early. No, it’s not because the Democrats snuck ANTIFA into the Capital building and committed murder against innocent Patriots.

It’s because Pelosi and the other Democrat and Republican Traitors who are complicit in this attempted Coup know that all of this harassment, propaganda and CNN lies which they’ve put President Donald J Trump through and this planned, staged Democrat Party “attack” on the Capital Building will not go unanswered.

President Trump has 12 days to respond, and respond he will. His response will history-making, monumental and JUSTIFIED. Traitors are to be hung, not allowed to continue terrorizing America with chemical warfare, mass media propaganda and psychological terrorism or running the country, and they certainly are not allowed to continue taking down the greatest nation in the history of Mankind. It will be MONUMENTAL, what is coming next.

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As the Italian Intelligence has come forward yesterday with video and confirmed proof of voter fraud during the 2020 Presidential election, which was carried out in Italy, electronically, using Dominion machines and algorithms which are documented (found here: https://nationsinaction.org/2021/01/press-release-voter-fraud/), Pelosi is scrambling to remove President Trump before he pulls the trigger on Devil’s Storm… but AN staff believe it is too late for Pelosi and her Co-Conspirators.

Stock up on food and water, and prepare for the internet to go black any minute. Many Americans have signed up for Signal, a privacy app which will be used for communication with fellow Patriots, friends and family during the upcoming blackout.

Again, if you think President Trump is going to allow these Traitors to take over the US Government when Trump won by a landslide, you would be wrong about that. Justice is coming, at last, and it will be amazing – and monumental… totally freaking monumental.

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