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These people are not just politicians. They are NWO politicians, working for Globalist Corporations and families who want to rule over everyone on the planet. It’s not a “Conspiracy theory” – it is a worldwide conspiracy, a conspiracy against Mankind – a plan to create a “New World Order”, in which you are slaves and these “New World Order” families lord over you.

Sound far-fetched? We know it does. Unfortunately, it’s not far fetched at all. It’s all true, and David Rockefeller, RIP, who was Chairman of this group of Globalists wannabe Rulers of the Earth, talked openly about this plan, and much more, including how the New York Times and other major media corporations were complicit in executing this plan while keeping the NWO’s secrets for more than 40 years.

Leaders of the Globalist Cabal

The families involved are familiar names. The Rothschild’s, the Rockefellers, Bill Gates and his wife, the Bush family, the British Royal family (why do you think Prince Harry walked away?) and others who are members of this group of wealthy elite and world leaders alike called “the Bilderberg Group”.

If you are American, you probably don’t know any of this. That’s because these Globalists now own the entire American Mainstream Media, and use it to spread misinformation designed to put their plan in place worldwide. Every major American broadcasting corporation is now owned and/or controlled by members of the NWO/Bilderberg Group or are sympathetic to, and cooperating with the NWO plan to create a worldwide dictatorship. It’s as though people have been conned into believing this NWO is inevitable – which it’s not… today. God doesn’t call the Silent Majority to lay down for Communism; quite the contrary; He calls Christians to be brave and courageous and to protect our families and ourselves from those who intend to do us harm.

Sounds like something out of a Hollywood movie? We know, but sadly, it’s all true. Hollywood, major global corporations and social media Google, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Microsoft are all onboard as well. These media companies create algorithms which censor pro-American, Conservative and family-friendly content and push and promote radical Leftist extremist, anti-American and Socialist content which is designed to sell us on the idea of a “one world government”, which has been laid out clearly and undeniably in a 1992 United Nations publication in the guise of addressing “sustainability” and another global scam called “Climate Change”, created by Con-man and failed Presidential candidate Al Gore (*see below for more on “Climate Change scam).

These wealthy Globalists are “Old Money”, some of them, and their families have been hoarding the world’s wealth for centuries. That is how they’ve managed to buy up the entire Mainstream Media and taken control of virtually every First World essential product, including food, transportation and services such as hospitals, entertainment, social media and an alarming segment of Law Enforcement and the criminal Justice system.

These NWO people are no Flunkies – they are serious about their effort to make you and I their slaves, and their propaganda campaign has shown worldwide results, even in the Land of Opportunity and the Home of the Brave. Psychological warfare is disturbingly effective, keeping in mind that even sane people can be convinced they are insane, using existing dark and sinister psychological warfare techniques. These NWO people mean business, and American Patriots better mean business, too. We the People are not likely to get another chance to defend and protect ourselves. We need to confront this Evil, and this evil empire now, while they’re showing us who they are.

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*Gore made millions off his initial ‘Chicken Little/The Sky is Falling’ scam when he first presented it to ignorant and seriously uninformed world leaders at the NWO United Nations summit.

The NWO used this scare tactic to con many world leaders out of billions of dollars in the name of “saving the planet” or “global sustainability”. Many of these world leaders are dictators and Communists who either inherited leadership in their country or became dictators through coercion and/or violent coups. These are not particularly bright or intelligent individuals, but instead are thugs and violent con-men, low-bottom terrorists who were scammed by Gore and the NWO Bilderberg Group… and still don’t realize they’ve been conned by this NWO Communist group.

More coming… NEXT: NWO Traitors Part 2

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