Americans are facing a great challenge right now, and it’s definitely the greatest challenge our nation has faced since 1776. Our election system has been corrupted, allowing a Communist administration to literally take control of the US government for the first time in America’s 245 year history.

The challenge? Taking back control of our government. 

There is no question that the vast majority – 90-95% by our estimations – are so done with this Democrat Party/COVID Terrorism and the illegal occupation of the White House. The Propaganda Media likes to pretend “half of Americans are Liberals” but that is a blatant and boldfaced lie. Most Americans, and 90-95% of Americans are regularly reflected in truly independent polls, are not Liberal. They are faithful Americans, Patriots and Conservatives, and every American with a brain has had enough of this election year terrorism, fake germ warfare, TV terrorism and the biggest global scam of this century.

We all know the Democrats committed major and massive voter fraud and we know Democrats were responsible for the election year (what a coincidence!) COVID Scam and the terrorism, violence and looting in U.S. cities. What we’ve learned since then, however, is just how corrupt the Department of Justice is now, how compromised the FBI, NSA and CIA have become and how anti-American and Communist the Democrat Party is now, since the NWO *Bilderberg Group put Democrats on their payroll.

THIS is what Systemic Racism looks like.

The Race Card is just as much bulls*** as it’s ever been, and Americans recognize what a hoax this “Systemic Racism” really is. America and Americans are not Racist. This is the “Land of Opportunity” for any and all people, and BLM was never ‘about black people’. BLM is a terrorist organization, just like the Democrat Party’s Anarchist group called “Antifa”, and both terrorist groups work for the Democrat Party. The Bilderberg Group billionaires have bought up virtually all of Hollywood and it is reflected in the homosexual, Liberalism Disorder casting of new primetime TV shows and commercials now. Hollywood has been compromised, just like the DOJ, FBI, CIA and the Democrat Party, and Americans are done with this hateful, anti-American terrorist propaganda bulls***.

Many Americans had hoped that Trump had initiated the Insurrection Act, and rightly so, but as of May 20, 2021 there is no evidence that Trump signed the IA before he left office. That means that no one is coming to our rescue – not the Military, not another country and no miracles are expected at this point. Just like in 1776, Americans are going to have to solve this illegal takeover of the US Government on our own.

Are We the People up for it? With 80 million gun owners and 349 million guns across America in the hands of typically law-abiding citizens, the American People are the largest free-standing volunteer army on Earth. It may be the second time in world history that Americans need to overthrow a tyrannical government in order to secure our liberty and freedom for our posterity.

Here at American Nation, we believe Americans are up for it… and it’s not a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of survival. Americans have never lost a war, and this war won’t be any different. 

We have a saying around here, which we’ll soon be releasing as a big surprise. More on that later…

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