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Worldly Christians believe the Bible says the Holy Spirit or Archangel Michael goes away from the world, even though there is not a single scripture in the entire Bible that says that.

The Bible says Jesus goes away from the world, and yet not a single worldly Christian believes that, even though Daniel says it, Paul says it and Jesus says it.

So, the worldly Christians do not believe in the Bible. If they did, then they would also believe God’s Time Line for the end times that He has written 11 times throughout the Bible, not the timeline of the world’s religion.

They would also believe that works are needed for salvation, the Day of the Lord is a single day when the Son of Man comes as the bridegroom for the bride before the 7 years begins, and they would also believe that one can lose salvation by walking away and removing words from Revelation.

But alas they turned the Fathers of the church into their gods, and God into a figure they want to believe will not send anyone to the lake of fire who goes to a church that call Him a liar.

Then people wonder why the Liberals of today do not believe the Constitution either, if they do not believe the Bible, why would they believe the rules of the nation?

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