I wonder if @elon / Elon Musk knows that his X staff continues to CENSOR Americans’ Free Speech rights on his platform X/formerly Twitter. I strongly suspect it is a Queer staff member who take offense to my articles in which I call out the Transvestites who pose as “Transgender”, because there is NO SUCH THING as “Transgender”, since no Human Being can change their gender. I will NOT, however, stop calling out the Queer community for being dangerous around children in public schools by implementing Queer grooming, teaching their students that “boys can be girls/girls can be boys” and bringing Transvestites into school for Queer Story Time sessions. It’s so outrageous and such a violation of children, I’m talking about it. It’s criminal, what Queers are doing in public schools, and that’s not just my opinion. That’s a fact.

So Elon’s staff, who is violating my free speech rights by censoring me on Twitter/X – get this – wants me to send them a copy of my Driver’s License. Seriously?! You think I would even CONSIDER giving some Communist Censor a copy of my DL?! In my experience on Twitter/X, Twitter/X is no different than Fakebook, censoring the Truth on social media. I won’t be going back to that Communist platform, and I am not leaving with a heavy heart. I’m grateful to leave that POS social media platform called “Twitter/X”.

I thank God that Truth Social and Gab continue to honor Americans’ Constitutional God-given right to free speech. I won’t be going back to X unless/until I get a public apology from @elon for his staff CENSORING ME on his platform. We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, I’m gratefully posting on TruthSocial.com and Gab.com as well as BitChute.com, which are all FREE SPEECH platforms. I hope you’ll join me on those FREE SPEECH platforms.

*Featured image from https://www.theepochtimes.com/epochtv/twitter-x-brings-back-censorship-agenda-to-remove-trump-from-ballots-is-failing-5484722

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