Vigilante Patriots

Good vs. Evil. Good Guys vs. Bad Guys – that’s what the 2020 Presidential election is really about.

Or… Principled People vs. Immoral, unprincipled People.

Or… Americans vs. Communists. Who is it gonna be?

We think it’s going to be a landslide. Trump 2020.

About VIGILANTE PATRIOTS: Crime syndicates are running wild in America right now, burning our magnificent nation’s Democrat Party-run cities down. Democrat Party Mayors have invited Terrorists to destroy the cities which Democrats have been elected to oversee. Democrats are defunding the brave men and women hired to protect and to serve these cities and the result is crime syndicates like the Marxist Muslim Brotherhood-run Black Lives Matter and the radical Fascists and Anarchists who call themselves “Antifa” are destroying the cities whose Democrat Party Mayors have given them permission to destroy buildings and attack Police.

Portland and Seattle Democrat Party Governors have demanded their Police Departments stand down against these terrorist rioters.  Democrat Party Mayors have demanded that Federal officers leave, as Federal Police were sent in to guard and protect the Federal Courthouses which were under attack and which the Democrat Party Mayors demanded their own Police Departments “Stand down” and let the federal buildings be burned to the ground.

One thing is crystal clear: It’s the Democrat Party waging war against America right now. It’s not BLM or the Muslim Brotherhood or Antifa – those terrorist groups were invited in by the Democrat Party Governors and Mayors who are orchestrating this war against Americans.

Here in Northern California, VIGILANTE PATRIOTS began to meet initially in order to make plans to collectively protect our own families and communities. Once that plan was in place, we began to make great music, rocking, passionate and patriotic music. Our name came from our collective awareness that because politics has permeated virtually every aspect of American life right now, we realized that Americans, thanks to our 2nd Amendment, will need to protect ourselves. We have to become the law and order we used to enjoy in this country. VIGILANTE PATRIOTS – we are everywhere. Praise God for that.

We’ll be posting our music here soon, in the studio right now recording our new single “Sheeple”. Check back, fellow Patriots. God bless America.


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