American Nation Publisher Pat Riot and AN staff have been researching and watching the wealthy Bilderberg Group since 1992. We’ve unanimously concluded that this man is “The Man Behind the Curtain”, the person responsible for virtually all global terrorism, including Hitler’s attempt at creating a “one world government” (sound familiar?), both World Wars and more recently, Covid Terrorism, the burning of Seattle, Portland and Minneapolis, the funding of Antifa and BLM, the intentional massive destruction of America’s small businesses and now – the effort underway right now to further destroy the American economy by intentionally cutting off America’s food supply.

Meet who we’ve concluded is the Mastermind behind the 2020 American Insurrection & the mass voter fraud during the 2020 Presidential election. We believe this is the secret Chairman of the Democrat Party and acting-Insurrectionist Fake-President of the United States, Jacob Rothschild. (on the right)

Jacob Rothschild (right), current Insurrectionist Faux-President of the United States of America staff is very well aware that it’s dangerous to even talk about the Rothschild family (Abraham Lincoln assassinated, President Garfield assassinated, JFK assassinated, Ronald Reagan shot, for example). 30 years ago when Pat first read UN agenda 21, and then began to research and discovered the Bilderberg Group, the Rockefellers and the Kingpins of hundreds of years of global terrorism, the Rothschilds, Pat began to suspect that all members of Congress might be working under duress, considering Democrats were behaving in an ever-increasingly Racist and anti-American manner and Republicans never did anything about it – ever.

Today there is no question in the minds of any of American staff that members of Congress are either:

(A) Being paid by the Rothschilds to turn Traitor on America and betray their own country, willingly complicit in this effort to take down America, or else:

(B) They’re working under duress, after being told “Do you love your family? Then do as we say and no one gets hurt… And we will pay you well.”

Researching this family is to find a plethora of books and articles written about what is conclusively the most evil family in World history, and today, that family is run by Jacob Rothschild, which Researchers agree is undoubtedly the current Insurrectionist President of the United States.

Being that every President who ever even threatened to challenge the Rothschild’s stranglehold on America’s money (Federal Reserve Bank) was shot or assassinated, it is crystal clear that those who were not shot were cooperative with the Terrorist Rothschilds and were essentially a ‘Rothschild’s President’, like Obama and Clinton and Bush.

And being that the Rothschilds and Rockefellers own the entire global mainstream media, we will never see an honest investigative report about this evil family, who now control virtually all global goods and services worldwide – a complete monopoly in every country on Earth on virtually every product and service, including governments, hospitals and federal law enforcement worldwide. That, my fellow Americans, is not just totally un-American… it is dangerous as Hell.

Which is why we’re seeing ‘Hell’ unfold right before our eyes, as the Chemical Warfare being waged against America and the entire planet is killing millions of people and these Rothschild Terrorists and their co-conspirators blame it on a virus that doesn’t exist.

We’ll talk more about this moving forward. For now, here are some links to documentation, eyewitness accounts and historical records which pinpoint the Rothschild family as the world’s number one Global Terrorist group.

How Rothschilds Run the World

More is coming. Much more…


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