How can anyone “test positive” when they still haven’t isolated any virus? Millions of dead bodies, but scientists have NEVER gotten a single sample of any “Covid-19” or “SARS Cov-2” virus from any dead body that supposedly “died from Covid-19”.

So how can they test for Covid-19? They can’t. It’s impossible. It’s a lie.

How can anyone test positive for Covid-19? They can’t. It’s impossible. It’s a lie.

Science would naturally conclude that because there ISN’T any “Covid-19” or “SARS Cov-2” virus, a “Covid-19” or “SARS Cov-2” virus simply does NOT exist. That is, if University Scientists weren’t all in the TANK , being paid by the Rothschild NWO Central Banker Mob to back the false ‘Covid’ narrative.

Independent Scientists ACKNOWLEDGE that “there is no “Covid-19” or “SARS Cov-2” virus, but you never hear from them because the Rothschild/Rockefeller NWO Banker Media CENSORS ALL independent Scientists who tell the Truth and DO NOT support the HOAX that Covid-19 really is.

It’s NEVER been a virus killing people. Never. It’s some other method that the NWO Bankers have contrived. Maybe those Gawd-awful 5G towers everywhere we go now. Maybe the NWO is spiking those, and making it difficult for people to breathe near the 5G towers.

But about the fake ‘Covid testing’: That means tests are only testing for a completely generic Coronavirus or – who knows what? Without this “virus” being successfully isolated – and it’s not been isolated – they cannot test for a “Covid-19” or “SARS Cov-2” virus, because there ISN’T one.

Is everyone asleep? Or is everyone just stupid and gullible, and too lazy to do ANY RESEARCH for themselves and all-too-willing to trust a government that has proven many times that it’s not really interested in public health? Wake up people.

I’ve been pointing out since early 2020 that there have been no successful attempts at isolating any “Covid-19” or “SARS Cov-2” virus, yet the charade continues. The entire Mainstream Media, wholly-owned and controlled by the Rockefeller/Rothschild NWO Bankers, has been running this propaganda campaign that pretends there is a virus, when there IS NO IDENTIFIABLE VIRUS. Doctors worldwide are being paid bigly to get as many people as possible injected with the mRNA Injections that have been causing tens of millions of deaths by Myocarditis, blood clots, strokes and many other permanent disabilities, but the Rothschild/Rockefeller NWO Media is reporting NONE OF THESE DEATHS and disabilities. Why is that?

Aren’t ABC, NBC and the other ‘Mainstream Media’ which are owned by the NWO Bankers doing any investigative reporting anymore? Apparently not, unless Conservatives are targeted with Media slander, like President Trump put up with for 5 years, which both parties in Congress did NOTHING to stop.

The American Media corporations should never have been allowed to become part of the Rothschild fleet of Monopolies, and that Congress approved this Media Monopoly tells us that Congress no longer serves the American people or Americans best interests. Instead, Congress has shown repeatedly that Congress serves the Rothschilds now, and by their ongoing actions, undeniably proves that fact.

So American Nation (AN) is calling for the immediate investigations of every member of Congress regarding this issue; AN demands that a Nuremberg-style investigation and inquisition into the possible-Traitors sitting in Congress, followed by arrests, trials and executions of any member of Congress found to be guilty of Treason for colluding with the NWO Bankers against these United States of America.

Today, we mean. Not next year or in 2 years; Congress and the NWO Banksters need to be stopped immediately, before any more innocent people are murdered by their actions.

The Nuremberg 2.0 trial has already completed, and those found guilty need to be arrested, tried and hung if found guilty of violating the Nuremberg Code, which every nation on Earth pledged to honor in 1948.

It’s time to interrogate Congress… every single member of Congress, and if/when evidence or testimony appears to point to ‘guilty’, an immediate trial needs to ensue, followed by the immediate and public execution of all who are found guilty of betraying this nation and/or guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

Do it now. Right now.

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