Let me begin by stating that I love the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office. They are the local law enforcement agency that I trust most. Sheriffs are independent of all other law other state and federal law enforcement agencies, such as the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA. Local Sheriffs are the Crown Jewel of law enforcement agencies in America, in my humble opinion.

Also, in all fairness, I was blessed to be told by my church’s CC Head of Security recently that this new Sheriff had softened the requirements to “qualify” for a CC permit, and now they are issuing them without denials (unless you’re a convicted violent felon, have a drug use history, suffer serious diagnosed mental illness and/or other unconstitutional disqualifications).

That said, I do have a beef with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, who has set fees for California’s unconstitutional “Concealed Carry Permit” at $517. $517?!? Really?! There are two things wrong with that scenario: One is that requiring a permit to exercise a right we are all born with, a God-given Constitutional right, is UNconstitutional, and violates and infringes upon every Citizens right to keep and bear arms. The other thing wrong with this “permit” is that it costs $517. That means that, surely, many poor people and families cannot afford this unconstitutional “permit”, and so, cannot afford to defend and protect themselves and their family, as God planned and as the U.S. Constitution confirms. Perhaps that is the goal? To keep poor people from keeping and bearing arms legally? I wonder.

I believe this unreasonable fee means that the State of California is “infringing” on our right “to keep and bear arms”. No Californian should have to pay, just to apply for a permit to exercise their God-given Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. A “God-given right” is a right that one is BORN with. And that is correct; I said it costs $517 just to apply for a CC permit in Sonoma County California. The truth is that no one needs a permit in order to exercise their God-given 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. NO ONE needs a permit for a God-given right.

But this writer/Journalist has just applied – again. I was turned down in 2020 but the Sheriff who delivered the bad news told me “Wait 6 months and apply again. Everyone gets turned down the first time“, but then the Covid-19 Fraud started and I was told “We aren’t taking CC applications at this time.” I plan to pay the fees that the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office demands, in order to Conceal Carry “legally”. Unfreakingbelievable that I even have to write that last sentence.

It is outrageous that, to my knowledge, no California Attorney has successfully challenged this clearly unconstitutional “Concealed Carry Permit” requirement, nor has the NRA or Gun Owners of America, because such a lawsuit would clearly be WON by the Constitution-bent challengers, whoever they might be.

SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED ~ What part of 2nd Amendment’s wording “…shall not be infringed…” don’t California legislators understand? Why on Earth am I even having to write this article in 2024, when the Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS) confirmed again in 2021 that requiring Concealed Carry Permits are “unconstitutional”? Why is the California government and Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office continuing to deny Americans their God-given 2nd Amendment right to “keep and bear arms”?! Why is the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office charging $517 JUST TO A?PPLY FOR A PERMIT for a RIGHT with which every American is BORN? Why is Sonoma County INFRINGING on every Citizen’s right to keep and bear arms?! And why is the Attorney General of the State of California allowing this state to violate every Citizen’s Constitutional 2nd Amendment right?

I think we know why the California Attorney General turns a blind eye to this unthinkably unconstitutional violation of every California Citizens’ rights. If California’s AG is serving the people that he (purportedly) was elected to serve, for whom he took an oath to serve, I wouldn’t be writing this article. But if the AG is serving someone OTHER THAN the Citizens of this state, someone who is trying to DISARM Americans, for example, then this AG would allow California to continue to infringe upon, and trample, our Constitutional rights. It is clear that this California AG is not serving California Citizens.

I believe that these actions being practiced by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office are considered “Tyrannical”, by any definition of the word. I suspect that the Federal agency ATF (compromised) has something to do with setting permit fees, but I know that the SoCo Sheriff’s office is independent of the Feds. Sheriffs are LOCAL law enforcement. The Sonoma County Sheriff can remove those permit fees and remove permits altogether, considering that any such law that violates the Constitution, and as such, is considered “repugnant to the Constitution”.

So what on Earth is going on here in Sonoma County, California, exactly? Besides every Citizens’ Constitutional rights being violated, I mean.

While I wait for my UNconstitutional Concealed Carry Permit to be approved, I will be seeking advice from local Counsel. I, for one, am tired of my government trampling my Constitutional rights. And I draw the line when local government is clearly and openly INFRINGING upon my Constitutional rights and the rights of my fellow Americans, when, in fact, they all took an oath to “defend and protect the Constitution” in order to even get their job with the government. Denying Citizens their Constitutional rights to protect themselves is not, by any stretch of the imagination, anyone’s definition of ‘defending and protecting the Constitution’. More will be revealed…

Below is an actual excerpt from the Sonoma County Concealed Carry Permit Application. Note the cost: $517.50. Note the “up to 120 days” estimate that it may take to process. Really, County of Sonoma? With today’s technology?! 120 days sounds like an estimate from 1924, not from 2024. They could process these applications in a day, but at the most 7 days. But 120 days? That’s just BS, in my opinion, perhaps designed to discourage people from applying for a Concealed Carry “Permit”.

This image is an actually snapshot of an exerpt from the Sonoma County Sheriff Concealed Carry Permit application.

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