April 21, 2022 ~ In response to the endless begging for donations from a seemingly complicit Republican Party, who appear to be Co-Conspirators in the 2020 stolen Presidential election which President Donald Trump undeniably won by the biggest landslide in Presidential election history, I responded with this letter on February 28, 2022.

“Bryan, while I appreciate your polite request, because the national Republican committee hasn’t done a damn thing to reconcile the 2020 presidential election, I am not supporting any Republican candidate now except Trump directly.

I’ve been paying attention to politics for a lot of years Bryan, and seeing the Democrats outright steal our election and then watching Republicans do absolutely nothing about it has convinced me that both parties were co-conspirators in that Steal. I now am firmly convinced and believe that both parties are NWO and I will never support NWO.

There is no sense trying to change my mind because the only thing that will change my mind is when I see Republicans take steps to investigate and overturn the 2020 election. I suspect there are a lot more people like me than you might imagine and I don’t believe the 2022 elections are going to go nearly as well for Republicans as you folks might believe.

Yes the Democrats are definitely NWO and enemies of the United States of America, but when both parties act as one party? That’s what we are all seeing now. It’s ugly and we the people need to take steps to throw both parties out of Congress and out of state Congresses or our nation isn’t going to survive.

I’m retired now and I have nothing better to do than join with my fellow Americans to throw all Democrat and Republican politicians out of office. You folks have already exposed yourselves as enemies of our nation, Brian. You can expect us not to support you in the future.


Pat Riot, Publisher at American Nation/AmericanNation.net

No response yet from Bryan of the California Republican Party.

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