“There isn’t a single member of that Senate or the House who should be re-elected… There’s not a single elected leader that I can see in Washington DC who deserves their job…” Jack Maxey, after his tech team conducted a forensic investigation of Hunter Biden’s laptop content, emails, photographs, etc.)

We at American Nation believe it’s clear now that Republicans are in on this Conspiracy as much as the Democrats. That none of these Republicans have done ANYTHING to investigate, arrest or prosecute Hunter Biden, Joe Biden or any of the other persons for whom documents and evidence were found on Biden’s laptop, which overwhelming point to “Guilty” to Treason and a plethora of other national security felonies & concerns, tells American Nation staff and all Americans that Congressional Republicans appear to be working for the NWO Rothschild Terrorists too, just as every Democrat in Congress.

No longer representing We the People and protecting the Traitors in the U.S. Government, we believe Jack Maxey’s exchange with Congressional Republicans have now shown America that they, too, are Traitors to America.

Jack Maxey is currently hiding in Switzerland for fear of retaliation from the Biden Cartel. Jack released the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop to many major ‘news’ agencies in 2020, including the New York Times, Washington Post and given to 11 U.S. Senators listed above on July 8, 2021. Nearly a year later, none of these Republican Senators have done anything about the plethora of felonies and traitorous acts documented on Biden’s laptop.

GLOBAL TERRORISTS? ~ The NWO Rothschild Terrorists have terrorized their Communist Dictatorship Puppet countries for years, many of which pose as “democracies”, where the Rothschilds have propped up NWO ‘leaders’ like Zelenskyy in the Ukraine, Biden in the USA, virtually all of the leaders in Germany and Africa, many European & South American nations, but NONE of those nations have a Constitution like OURS nor do their Citizens have the Holy Spirit Fire or Freedom-loving American Spirit like Americans have, which drives our Courage and Independence.

The Rothschilds appear to have paid off the entire U.S. Congress – Democrat Party and Republican Party – as well as many state legislatures, and frankly, American Nation staff admits that these NWO Terrorists have made an impressive success at infiltrating the US Government at virtually every level associated with law enforcement and law-making. But even that more-than 100 year effort hasn’t been enough to overcome us, the brave and faithful American People and Independent Militiamen, more than 90 million strong and planted and rooted nationwide and from coast to coast.

A small group of interested Citizens can follow this guide to begin securing local governments of the people, by the people and for the people. AmericanNation.net

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Let us not fear Evil, for He has overcome Evil. Let us gather in our respective communities, where Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft cannot eavesdrop on our conversations, and further prepare to defend ourselves and our communities from the next NWO Terrorist attack, be it more germ warfare like Covid-19, 5G radiation poisoning, or even perhaps nuclear or UN military boots on the ground on US soil.

Preparation is imperative and securing our local governments by removing the UN Traitors currently occupying our City Councils and County Supervisor seats is, in our collective opinions, a priority. Identifying the UN agenda-pushing local politicians is easy (check their past agendas for pro-Agenda 21 votes & pro-‘Sustainability’ votes), and then recalling or removing them from office for failing to honor their oath of office*, to defend and protect our Constitution, should be relatively light work. We have 7 months until the Midterms. We need to get busy. The UN Co-Conspirators should be identified, exposed and removed from public office before the November elections so that public awareness about this sickening  anti-American NWO Communist effort is high, going into the elections.

Editor’s note: AN Staff no longer recommends “NewsMax” as a reliable news source.

These local politicians are serving as the Rothschild Terrorist Grunts, restructuring our local government according to UN Agenda 21/30 directives. By now, you, like we are in Sonoma County California, are seeing ‘homeless government apartments’ being built across the county (which are not intended for the homeless – they are intended to house rural property owners after this Insurrectionist Communist government burns down and/or seizes their rural properties), homeless people are being brought in to invade our towns and cities while City Councils are setting up homeless camps in downtown areas for them.

These homeless are not local residents. They are being brought in from other cities, and the point isn’t “helping homeless people”, the point is ‘invading towns and cities with mental illness, drug/alcohol addiction and criminals’, many who are Pedophiles who are no longer registered with the Megan’s Law Sex Offender list. In short, this is “terrorism” and these supposedly public servants are helping to terrorize our communities right now. Identify them, investigate them (their voting records tell it all), expose them and remove them from office.

We might not be able to take down the NWO Communist leaders themselves, but we can secure our local governments again by removing the NWO Grunts who occupy seats in local government. That’s going to be a great foundation for rebuilding what the NWO RATS and Locusts have already destroyed.

*UN Agenda 21 document states that UN Agenda 21 is hostile to all sovereign nations, being that one of A21’s goals is ‘to eliminate all sovereign nations’, which includes taking down the United States of America.


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