It’s Time.

ByPat Riot

Jan 23, 2024

My friends, I am so disgusted by the things this fake government is doing to us that I am going to get involved, in some way, to help remove these people from government here. California and New York are both the worst states, totally infested with Central Banker agents.

This Central Banker Insurrectionist government has installed their agents into as many Government agencies as they possibly can. Those agents are not elected, they are installed, using Central Banker money to run campaigns, which make it look like they are the popular people, coupled with election fraud to install those people into  our government, the real US government.  Those installed agents work for the Central Banker families, they don’t work for We the People. They don’t have a right to work for the government.

God will guide my path, and the path of tens of millions of others, as we gather together in unity, and make a concerted effort to root these Traitors out of our government.

OUR government doesn’t steal from us. The Central Banker government steals from us. They have no business here, and they’ve been here, inside our government, since before the Civil War.

It’s time for their reign of terror and tyranny to be over. I’m going to do my part, however God leads me.

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