Unemployed men wait in long lines for bread and handouts during the Great Depression.

Disney, like virtually every major corporation in America, is owned and/or controlled by the Rothschild/Rockefeller/WEF Criminal Syndicate – aka “The Cartel”, primarily composed of The Federal Reserve Bank/Central Bankers. The Cartel are shutting down their businesses one at a time until America’s economy is crushed. It’s not a “theory”, it’s right before our eyes. Their plan is public, their Terrorist acts consistent with their published goals and the destruction of their corporations will continue until we are all experiencing “The Great Depression 2.0” or “The Second Great Depression”. These same families, the Central Bankers, were responsible for orchestrating the first “Great Depression” in 1929, as well. They’re simply doing it again, this time, to take America to her knees, start World War III and, because they overthrew the US Government on 11/3/2020 and now control the US Military, they will cause the USA to lose WWIII so that our beloved Constitution and God-given Bill of Rights can be taken away. That’s their plan.

So don’t be surprised as more of the companies we all love and rely upon are destroyed, because it’s coming. That’s why they bought up virtually every major corporation on Earth, to destroy the only nation standing in the way of their plan for a global dictatorship. They need to crush the United States of America in order to set us up to lose WWIII so they can take down our Constitution and the God-given rights acknowledged in that document. America’s 90+ million legal Gun-owners are the only thing standing in the way of a New World Order Communist takeover and their plan for a global dictatorship.

Get ready for all corporate stores to be closed nationwide and worldwide, all food and supplies to be denied the US population, and The Great Depression 2.0 to completely devastate the American economy. This will be 1929’s ‘The Great Depression’ times 10. That’s why so many of us stocked up on guns, ammo, food and medical supplies. It’s going to get ugly. With millions of foreign Terrorists imported over our open Southern border, we can expect to see Terrorists everywhere in America soon, in our cities and towns and in our own communities and neighborhoods. One of the rare ‘good things’ that Republican Governors have done/are doing is sending these illegal border-crossing Terrorists to the Blue states, and that is where the violence will begin, just like 2020. Forwarned is forearmed. Now you know. Be prepared.

The ignorant people mocked us, but they’ll see soon why we warned them and invited them to join us in stocking up. Instead, they kept watching Fake News propaganda and failed to pay attention to everything unfolding, right before they’re eyes. Fortunately, The Good People will fight this fight for them, because that’s what good Americans do – we help others.

It will take an act of God to avoid our economy’s complete collapse. It’s already begun, and these Central Banker Criminals will not back down now. With their total monopoly on goods & services worldwide, it is too late to stop what’s coming, as they systematically destroy their own businesses in order to crush America’s, and the world’s, economy.

There are things we can be doing right now to put an end to their influences in our individual communities, but it’s too late IMO to stop the complete global economic devastation they’ve planned for decades. Grow as much food as you can for yourselves and for friends and family who might not have land for gardens. The major grocery stores will be closing soon. Stock up on survival food & goods, be prepared to do whatever you have to do to protect yourself and your loved ones, and pray for God’s guidance and protection for your family as this S*** Show is unfolding. Those millions of illegal aliens the Insurrectionist government has let in over the Southern border for the past 3 years aren’t “Migrant Workers”; they are militant terrorist Combatants who were brought here to wreak havoc, death and destruction on all of us as soon as they get the word through the Mainstream Media to “Go.”

And if I’m wrong? So be it, but I’ve been watching world affairs up close for decades. I read UN Agenda 21 in 1992 when it was first published and no one believed what A21 said, because they hadn’t read it. I’m not wrong.

Enjoy your families and friends, and your precious casual time with them now. Pray like our lives depend on it, because they do. Trust God and stock up right now. Be ready and be prepared. 🇺🇸

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