We are many, they are few. That is a fact. Let us own our power, and wield it accordingly.


Despite sexual Predator Andrew Cuomo having completely disappeared from the media now, we find his punk @$$ worthy of the first arrest.

Former Governor Cuomo telling another lie while dropping the “N” word.

We American Patriots might want to show up en masse and demand Cuomo is arrested and charged with Murder for intentionally exposing tens of thousands of elderly Care Home patients to the “Covid-19” flue, killing thousands of innocent, elderly Care Home patients.

This isn’t just “suspicion”; Cuomo has admitted intentionally exposing vulnerable Care Home patients to the China Flu. We’re wondering why no thorough independent investigation has been done, and why Cuomo hasn’t been arrested yet for Crimes Against Humanity.

We don’t expect the Brainwashed Folks to join us, but we Normal Americans would honor the dead care home patients by showing up en masse (it’s where our power is) and demand that Governor Cuomo is charged with Murder and refuse to leave until that Mass Murderer is arrested. American Nation puts Andrew Cuomo at the #1 spot at the top of the American Nation Most Wanted List today.


#2 on American Nation Most Wanted list is Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoros, another Communist Democrat criminal (not just an opinion, but a fact) on the American Nation Most Wanted List. Evidence has piled up around the crimes that Obama and his Co-Conspirators Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have committed against then-Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, and more importantly, against the American people.

Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama aka Flim-Flam Man

Evidence secured by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) proves that Obama spied on Donald Trump, using his office as a cover, using the FBI and CIA as his personal investigators, and proves that Obama and Clinton lied to the Department of Justice and this criminal, Barrack Obama and his Co-Conspirators, are still walking around free, never charged with a crime and never tried for his crimes against Trump and against all Americans. Obama also committed other multiple felonies and many believe  (1) Obama and Hillary Clinton intentionally held back support for the American Consulate in Benghazi so that our Ambassador and Embassy staff could be murdered, (2) conspired with the enemy (giving Iran billions of dollars in cash) and (3) gun-running to Drug Cartels across the Mexican border (Fast & Furious). Why isn’t this man being tried for Treason? Hint: There is a reason.


Hillary Clinton, likely pondering how many murders/Clintoncides she has gotten away with

#3 on American Nation Most Wanted List is Hillary Rodham Clinton, who co-conspired w/Obama to spy on a rival political candidate (felony), knowingly and intentionally (a) created a fraudulent and false-scenario, brought in false witnesses in order to lie to the DOJ in order to get subpoenas to illegally spy on President Trump, who was accused of making secret deals with the Russians (all proven false since then) and (b) destroyed subpoenaed evidence (laptops & cell phones) relating to the investigation of Clinton using her personal email for State Department business in order to attempt to avoid accountability for her felonious criminal activity, also (c) a Co-Conspirator in Fast & Furious gun-running to Mexican Drug Cartels w/Obama.

And then there was Vince Foster… and more than 60 others after Foster, who were murdered by what popular opinion has deemed “Clintoncide”. Why isn’t this Traitor in prison yet?


American Nation Most Wanted List will continue, including #4 Nancy Pelosi, #5 Joe Biden, #6 Anthony Fauci, #7 George Soros, #8 Jacob Rothschild & sons, # 9 The Rockefeller Foundation and more, coming soon on American Nation. Oh, and lets not forget #10 through 544, which refers to every member of Congress (535 members of Congress).

The Democrats – well, popular opinion across American suggests that it’s a given that they’re Criminals, being that they stole the 2020 election at 3am on November 4, 2020, right in front of all of us, staged a fake “riot” in Washington DC using Antifa terrorists who pretended to be Trump supporters and then accused Trump supporters of “Insurrection” which, by the way, no Trump supporter arrested and held for more than 8 months was ever CHARGED with “insurrection”), and every Democrat in Congress supported that election fraud and staged riot and refused to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America” during that election. Not one Democrat came forward to tell the truth about either events, which make them all Co-Conspirators in those crimes. All of them need to be arrested and charged with Treason for their actions.

And then there’s the Republicans, who not only turned a blind eye to that November 4, 2020 election fraud and obviously stolen election, but have refused to investigate that 2020 election, appoint independent investigators or demand an audit of the 2020 national Presidential election. Who allows a rival political party to commit such blatant voter fraud in a national Presidential election? Only the Co-Conspirators of that election fraud.

We’ll be talking about that soon, along with Rand Paul pretending to be a Whistleblower, like Trey Gowdy used to do, rattling his saber now that the American public is openly accusing Dr. Fauci of multiple crimes, including Global Genocide (for the millions of mRNA injection deaths), and Paul is saying a lot of words and making a lot of accusations but never requesting a formal investigation or filing charges against the Democrat Party/Deep State Felons who have committed countless felonies, including Perjury to Congress and Global Genocide, right before our eyes. In all fairness, Rand Paul says that he requested an investigation from the DOJ, but “I don’t expect a response”. We don’t expect a response, either, because we’re not convinced that request was actually made.

More will be revealed, my fellow Americans…

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