American Hero

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December 15. 2020 by PAT RIOT, Publisher ~ Standing up to the same people and families who assassinated JFK, MLK, Malcolm X, and shot President Ronald Reagan, and fighting like a Warrior to defend our Constitutional Republic from the New World Order Communists (NWO) who have been trying to take it down for 4 years, President Donald J Trump is the choice for “American Hero” for 2020.

After five years of public ridicule and harassment by the NWO Globalist-owned Mainstream Media and virtually every major publication owned by the NWO Communists, Donald Trump continues to stand firm in his personal commitment to the United States of America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, as brave as our Founders and committed to protecting this Land of Opportunity from those who are doing their best to destroy our nation.

American Hero is a well-deserved title for our President, the leader of the Free World who God has placed in the White House for times such as these… and this American Hero will be triumphant in his effort to defend and protect this nation from the wealthy NWO Globalist Communists who want to rule the world by turning this planet into their personal prison, where most of us are exterminated and only the wealthy survive. That is the NWO plan: a one world government dictatorship and Genocide against Mankind.

And Donald J Trump, President of the United States of America, for his commitment to his nation and ours, has earned this recognition as “American Hero” for 2020. After the NWO sent the Democrat Party against him, falsely accusing President Trump of a plethora of totally absurd false accusations, from “Racist” to accusations of wrongdoing that they themselves had committed, these NWO Globalist/Communists released COVID-19 on America and on the world, because the NWO goal is not just to take down America. Their goal is to take over the entire planet and make it theirs, to rule and lord over every person on Earth.

President Trump saw them coming, like many Americans did, and God put him in the White House to protect this amazing nation and the world. If America falls, that’s the end of the Free World. But thanks to our courageous President, Donald J. Trump, America will not fall, and neither will the world.

Thank you President Donald J. Trump – our unanimous choice for “American Hero” of 2020.

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