The most degenerate and ruthless sick Human Beings on Earth today – the NWO.

Responsible for every major war during the 20th Century, the NWO bankrolled Hitler, used propaganda against Nazi Germany, turning citizen against citizen, made the German people fearful and paranoid, and demonized someone to make others hate them… and oh how they hated them.

Sound familiar? They’re doing the exact same thing to the American people today. The Bilderberg Group has recruited the Democrat Party to help take down the USA, who have brought in their Anarchists to destroy the Democrat-run cities like Portland, Seattle, LA, New York, Minneapolis and more. The Democrats are facilitating ALL of the violence and murders and fires – the entire West Coast is burning down, fires set by Democrat Party Anarchists and Terrorists. How do we know that? The same way Fake News shows “know” that “Trump is to blame”.  We just KNOW… except for one distinct difference: Our conclusion is based on evidence. Democrat blaming Trump is based on their AGENDA. AN has nothing to gain by our assessment. The Democrats have EVERYTHING to gain by pushing their false narrative that Trump is to blame.

Democrats have become the Bully for the NWO. They want to bully you into submission by terrorizing America and then promising “more of the same if Trump gets re-elected”. AN staff strongly suggests that you buy a gun or guns if you can afford it, if you don’t already  own one – our personal favorite is the Glock 19, but AN staff had to wait 10 weeks to get theirs delivered – that’s how back-ordered they are. There are lots of great guns out there so go buy one and buy lots of ammunition for your guns. That way you can exercise your 2nd Amendment right and protect yourselves, your family and your home if BLM comes down your driveway. Keep in mind that the law typically says an intruder must be inside your house when you shoot them, but recent terrorism on many American cities has established that if a crowd is coming down MY driveway, I will not wait for them to come inside. They throw Molotov cocktails and they burn homes down. Not my home… or yours, if you’re armed and ready.

We’ve got more. We’re just getting started at NWO.life. Check back…

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