Straight Talk

Have I mentioned my unwavering desire to remove the Criminal element from the US Government – and from governments worldwide? That these Criminals are still free is appalling to me. The US Department of Justice is too compromised to stand up for Justice, and that is the DOJ’s only duty – they are the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE – so the US has NO Department of Justice, just Infiltrators who are committing Treason against the People. The DOJ needs to be suspended and removed immediately for violating their Oath of Office. Immediately.

And how about Australia’s DOJ? Are they doing their job down under? Are the Criminals who pushed mRNA on the Elderly, the children and everyone in between, being brought to Justice down under? And in England and Germany and the other NWO Criminal Syndicate infiltrated countries like the USA and the Ukraine?
It’s time the collective Human population PURGE this planet of the NWO Criminal Syndicate and restore our precious Earth to safety again.
These crimes we all just witnessed, and are still witnessing, are a long time in the making. Centuries and generations of a handful of sick & twisted evil families have culminated in this Global Genocide via Chemical Warfare against the Earth’s Human population today.
There are books about these families, cataloguing much of the death and destruction they’ve wreaked on the unsuspecting masses, on innocent people for centuries. Every major disease and epidemic throughout history is now justifiably being questioned as likely being the work of this handful of wealthy families, including the Bubonic/Black Plague, Smallpox, the Plague of Justinian, Polio, AIDS/HIV, the Spanish Flu (radiation poisoning), Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and every single epidemic are now suspected of being heartless Chemical Warfare waged by the same families who just unleashed COVID-19 and mRNA on the world right now.
These ungodly people are currently collectively known as the NWO/Central Banker Criminal Syndicate (NWO/CBCS), the World Economic Forum, the Bilderberg Group, among other names, and have infiltrated governments worldwide. In the USA we know them as “The Democrat Party Mafia”. We know who they are… all of them.

We know how history will judge the NWO Criminal Syndicate who have committed/are still committing mass Genocide worldwide, but how will history judge the rest of us, who stand here doing nothing but complaining while this Global Genocide, these murderous atrocities continue, day after day while the NWO/CBCS unleashes new viruses and uses radiation (5G) to continue to murder our friends and families by the millions?
More importantly, how will God judge us all for our inaction, unwillingness to gather together and collectively take a stand to stop this atrocity?
How on Earth are we going to account to God, on our respective Face-to-Face with Him one inevitable day, to explain why we allowed this Genocide to continue, letting Doctors and Nurses inject fearful innocent people with a drug that does NOTHING to prevent the spread or the infection from the relatively HARMLESS COVID-19 which was used to terrorize these innocent people into taking this deadly mRNA injection?
Do we think these doctors & Nurses don’t KNOW, like we know, that every new case of Myocarditis and the ungodly ’blood clots’ (which are not “blood clots”, but are far more sinister than blood clots) and unexplained sporadic heart attacks among the strong & healthy, the young and the children, are ALL the result of the mRNA drugs these supposedly ’medical professionals’ are injecting them with? Do we still pretend the Doctors and Nurses and all medical professionals and Corporate managements don’t know?
Oh, they know… and the governments worldwide all know… and every agency involved with murdering innocent people by mRNA Chemical injections knows that this is MASS MURDER, not “a public health matter”.
Again, how will we explain to the Lord on that inevitable day why we’re all doing absolutely nothing to protect the innocent while this Global Genocide continues at CVS, Walgreens, Kaiser, St Joseph’s and the other Criminal Syndicate controlled corporate hospitals and pharmacies worldwide? What will we say? “I saw it Lord but I did nothing to help the others”. Is that going to be our testimony, each of us, as we stand before the Lord that day? “I was afraid”? “I didn’t know what to do”? Will those be our pathetic explanations for why we did nothing to save ourselves, our families and friends and our fellow Human Beings from the terrorism going on in our hospitals and pharmacies today?
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) We either believe that or we don’t. “Where two or more are gathered, I am there.” (Matthew 18:20) Again, we either believe God or we do not believe God. Doing nothing is no longer an option in my heart… or at my house.

I pray that y’all feel the same way, and that we are all collectively moved to action which will save more innocent people from this Global Genocide taking place while the Terrorists are still engaged in mass murder and while we’re still talking about it. Let’s pray, then gather, then do whatever we collectively and prayerfully decide to do in order to protect ourselves and others. Let’s do what the Lord leads us to do in order to protect ourselves and others. That way, our Face-to-Face with Him, when that day comes, won’t be such a catastrophic disappointment to Him… or to us. Peace…

No judgment, my brothers and sisters; just straight talk.