Welcome to In my humble, Sebastopolian opinion, based on this life-long Sebastopolian’s observations, I offer up my point of view on matters which are Sebastopolian. Again, and as always, this article is based on my perspective, my observations, my opinions and my points of view.

My original goal in creating this website was to reach out to the other Lifelong Sebastopolians and invite them to get involved with Sebastopol leadership. After the past year, however, I have a bigger, more immediate bone to pick with the people who I perceive to be the ones who are destroying my/our little town. I’m sure, once I get this off my chest and resolved, will settle in and become the encouraging website I originally envisioned. Editor

JUNE 17, 2024 ~ Almost every morning for the past several years, I wake up to the sight of Chemical Trails over our little town of Sebastopol. Not just Sebastopol, mind you; I can see that Santa Rosa gets it’s fair share, as does Windsor, Rohnert Park and Cotati. These ChemTrails – definitely not “Contrails”, which are the natural exhaust of jet planes, and which disippate right before your eyes – are what I consider evidence that the government we have in the White House and Sacramento, at least, are not our government.

Does a government “of the people, for the people and by the people” dump chemicals on the population? No. A government “of the people, for the people and by the people”, as described in the United States Constitution, serves the people. That’s what “public service” is supposed to be about. So when I see these Chemicals dumped over Sebastopol and all of Sonoma County, it reminds me every day that “This is not OUR government.

JUNE 12, 2024 ~ Sebastopol… A quiet little town in Sonoma County, Northern California, an hour north of the Bay Area, not unlike other quiet little towns in Sonoma County… at one time. Once a thriving apple town, now mostly grapes and wine tasting rooms. Once the population was mostly Conservative Americans who loved God and their country, now overrun by Illegal Aliens (Criminals), Grifters and Liberals, many of whom are Berkeley/SF Bay Area transplants.

I had to ask myself this: Is drawing homeless people from outside the area to Sebastopol going to improve our town? I also asked myself this: Is over-building in and around Sebastopol, without building a single additional shopping center, highway or bypass roadway, going to improve our town? My answer is “No.” But that is what the Sebastopol City Council (SCC) is doing to Sebastopol right now. The SCC has intentionally brought countless homeless people into our community from outside the area, and the SCC has approved the overbuilding of low-income and residential housing inside the city limits, while the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors has approved over-building all around, just outside of Sebastopol city limits. Not exactly what I call “serving the community” when these “public servants” take actions which are clearly and immediately HURTING our community.

NO LONGER THE SEBASTOPOL I GREW UP IN ~ Today, Sebastopol is not the Sebastopol that I grew up in, that’s for sure. With a mostly transplanted (not born here) City Council who have no memories of Sebastopol from their youth, because they didn’t grow up here, Sebastopol has been turned into a confused little town, full of crystal stores, wine bars, knick-knack stores and Tarot card readers, with miles of backed-up traffic from here to the next city 7 miles away, with almost no restaurants who serve normal American food. Some might say that Sebastopol has been mismanaged. I prefer the term “Infiltrated”.

In fact, restaurants come and go like the other odd businesses – which is regularly. No longer are there clothing stores where Mom can get school clothes for her children, no fast food here anymore – there used to be a Burger King and a McDonalds – now just a Taco Bell left. There are only one or two restaurants with great American food, as the majority of restaurants are Middle East, Eastern and what appear to be a lot of weird NewAge cuisine, and people mostly shop for food and clothing in Santa Rosa or Rohnert Park, because that’s where the normal stores are located now. The bowling alley is gone now, and there was never another built in it’s place. There have been no healthy entertainment centers or businesses where kids might congregate, except for the Skate Park, where kids go to do drugs and hang out with other drug using kids, so many of Sebastopol’s kids, I understand, have turned to drugs as their ‘entertainment’. My heart breaks when I drive through town every day, and see what my little hometown has become.

THE BIG PICTURE: DESTROYING AMERICA, ONE SMALL TOWN AT A TIME ~ Still, it’s my hometown and I live here, and frankly, I’m done letting the transplanted people, the Transplants from the Bay Area, who make up the majority of the Sebastopol City Council, who have literally invaded our little town, dictate Sebastopol’s future. The reason I say “I’m done” letting these Transplants dictate policy here is because they’ve already proven that they aren’t fit to lead this town.

Why would I say that, you ask? The Sebastopol City Council here is currently implementing UN Agenda 21/30, keyword/giveaway is the word “Sustainability”, which makes A21 the most dangerous and destructive agenda that Mankind has been faced with, more dangerous than the Communist Manifesto, even. A21/30 goals declare that it seeks “to end all sovereign nations on Earth”, including the USA, and the implementation of  Agenda 21/30 policies by this current Sebastopol City Council are what are destroying our town. That is definitely not a “conspiracy theory”; it is a fact.

IMPORTING “HOMELESS” PEOPLE TO SEBASTOPOL? ~ Having allowed a Santa Rosa business who supposedly serves the homeless to set up what they call an “RV Homeless Camp” in our little town, Sebastopol is now full of people from the Bay Area, who filled the new “RV Homeless Camp” and brought their Fentanyl habits with them, and they have set up campsites, hidden throughout our little town. This community clearly rejected this RV Homeless Camp during a last-minute-called Zoom City Council meeting last year, with the vast majority of Sebastopolians making it clear that they/we do not want a “RV Homeless Camp” here. The Sebastopol City Council, after that Zoom meeting, totally disregarded what every Sebastopolian said that night, and early the next morning announced that the City Council had approved the RV Camp.

In other words, the fact that 166 people showed up for that last-minute-called Zoom City Council Meeting, and all but one person spoke out against the RV Camp, it appears that the City Council had already made their deal with St. Vincent De Paul. The “City Council Meeting” the night before was nothing but lip service for the Citizens of Sebastopol. In other words, we got played by this deceptive City Council of ours.

DRUGGIES, GRIFTERS, BUMS and HOBOS  ~ Since the RV “Homeless” Camp was opened, Sebastopol has had an influx of Grifters and Vagrants who are clearly mentally ill, and drug addicts and Alcoholics who are not from Sebastopol, who are not locals. And these are not really “homeless”, by the standard that most people think of, when we hear the word “homeless”, i.e. folks/families who have suffered bad breaks, financial tragedy, the family’s loss of the Breadwinner, etc. causing a temporary homelessness. No, most of the supposedly “homeless” folks who have migrated here since the RV Camp opened are actually a new generation of purportedly “homeless” people who are actually “Homeless By Choice”(HBC’s). They CHOOSE to be homeless and many have never worked a real job – ever. That is, many of our local migrants have ALWAYS chosen that lifestyle, to leech off of government handouts and church charity. When you choose to live that way, to leech off of the System and expect other hard-working people to support you, that’s not “Homeless”. That’s a Bum.

These are people we’ve always described in the past as “Grifters”, “Vagrants”, “Bums” and “Hobos”, lazy people who choose not to work because they are lazy, who are capable of working and holding down a job, but simply refuse to work. They refuse to get a job because they’d rather just hang out downtown and smoke pot and drink alcohol, sell drugs, steal from people in the community and leech off of local churches for free breakfasts and lunches and use the government support checks they get (Welfare and food stamps, free medical, that WE pay for) to buy themselves street drugs and alcohol. When you’ve chosen not to rent someplace so you can use your government support for drugs and alcohol, that’s not “homeless” in my book. That is what I call “a Bum”.

FOUR MURDERS SINCE THE RV CAMP OPENED ~ There have been four murders in our little town since the RV Camp opened and Bay Area Grifters heard that Sebastopol had become a homeless camp, little more than a year ago. I don’t think there were four murders previously in Sebastopol throughout my entire life. But even these murders are not what prompted me to write this article today.

What prompted me to write this article was a Sebastopol City Council meeting email that I received yesterday, which included the agenda for the upcoming February 20th, 2024 City Council meeting. On that agenda is a proposal called “Agenda Item Number: 4”, which submits a “request for City Council to Consider and Approve the Resolution for Ceasefire”. The agenda item title doesn’t refer to a country or a war they wish to “approve the resolution to ceasefire” to, although it does launch into a confused diatribe about “The unparalleled escalation of the conflict between Israel, Hamas and other armed groups…”

When I read that Sebastopol City Council agenda item for this month’s meeting, I thought about the town’s horrific traffic that makes shopping here difficult, makes traveling through Sebastopol every morning, afternoon and evening virtually impossible, and I thought about the teenage high school/Jr. High escalating Fentanyl and other drug problems. I thought about the over-building of low income apartments which the City Council keeps approving, which has brought thousands more people from the Bay Area here, to an already overcrowded community. These are the people who are responsible for this town’s traffic problems, but another contributing factor to the gridlock traffic is because the CC hasn’t approved any new streets or highways or bypasses as they approved thousands of new low-income housing apartments, which will bring tens of thousands more people to Sebastopol, nor has the CC, to my knowledge, even included making such a plan on any previous CC agenda, which might ease or alleviate our town’s traffic problems. You see, this isn’t about “serving the community”; this is about implementing a United Nations plan called “UN Agenda 21”, and A21 is a plan to destroy communities, not serve communities.

The City Council hasn’t provided any solutions at all to address the thousands of new low-income apartments that will bring thousands MORE new people here, which the City Council is responsible for, that they keep approving for our already-congested downtown. The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors are doing their A21 part, and keep approving low-income housing and more housing tracts being built on the outskirts of our city limits, and in the areas directly surrounding our fine town of Sebastopol. I thought, too, about the “homeless/not homeless” HBC’s that have flooded into our community, and about the murders that have been occurring in Sebastopol, making it unsafe for children to ride their bikes where they always have, downtown, in the local neighborhoods, from one end of town to the other. I thought of all of those real problems from which Sebastopol is suffering right now, and I thought to myself “What are they doing about Sebastopol’s REAL problems? Why are they addressing a problem that this town has nothing to do with – Israel and Hamas conflict – but not addressing the very real problems that this town called Sebastopol has right now?

Then I realized what’s happened here, and how this item got onto the Sebastopol City Council’s agenda this month. I wondered to myself, “Since when does the United Nations tell our local City Council what to put on their agendas?” and then it hit me: Has this City Council been implementing UN Agenda 21/30 here in Sebastopol? If the answer is “Yes”, then we have a problem. Is that why this City Council is taking orders from the United Nations now, regarding what to put on their monthly agendas? The answer appears to be “Yes”. And the United Nations called for this item to be included on the City Councils and County Supervisor agendas of counties, cities and towns across America, who are implementing UN Agenda 21/30.

Click image for full size view

If this City Council has been implementing UN Agenda 21/30 here in Sebastopol, not only is it an act of Treason, but these are some of the horrific Agenda 21/30 goals that the City Council is helping the UN to achieve:

  • UN Agenda 21 (A21) calls for an end to all sovereign nations on Earth, including an end to the United States of America. Surely, you’ve read A21 yourself by now, have you not? UN Agenda 21 was published in 1992, so if you haven’t read it yet, shame on you, because A21/30 is not just calling for an end to the sovereign nation called “The United States of America”.
  • A21 includes a goal of “Depopulation of the Human species” by “depopulating” 8 billion people, to leave just “245 million people” on Earth – their words, not mine. That means their goal is to kill you and I, our friends and families and the vast majority of innocent people on Earth.

But wait, those aren’t the only Terrorist goals included in the A21/30 plan. They also have a goal of taking down every nation on Earth in order to create a “one world government”, which is a “dictatorship”, run by the unelected Billionaires of the World Economic Forum, who wrote this document. The A21 plan includes denying us all of our freedom, our God-given right to free speech, our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves and our families, our right to own property and businesses and the list goes on and on, with Communist tyrannical goal after Communist tyrannical goal. Does that sound like an agenda that Sebastopol should be implementing? No. Not in my opinion. And yet, the Sebastopol City Council IS implementing UN Agenda 21 right now.

A21 goals include the following:

  • One world government (dictatorship)
  • One Military (dictatorship)
  • Ending the Family unit
  • The end of all privately owned property
  • The end of single family homes
  • No personal cars or private transportation
  • All businesses owned by the government
  • The end of privately-owned farms and grazing livestock
  • The end of irrigation
  • The end of natural non-synthetic drugs and homeopathic medicine
  • Mandatory multiple vaccines
  • Government raised children
  • Government controlled schools and Colleges

Does that sound like a “conspiracy theory”? It’s not. Remember WEF’s Klaus Schwab’s comment that “You’ll own nothing and be happy”? This is what Schwab is referring to (above list).

Read A21 for yourself and educate yourself about what your City Council, the Sebastopol City Council, as well as the County of Sonoma’s Board of Supervisors, are implementing, in your community and mine, right now. It is the intentional destruction of this small town, and whether or not the City Council realizes that, that’s what they are up to, and their actions are already proving to be detrimental to our town.

The Sebastopol City Council is, indeed, implementing United Nations Agenda 21/30, right before our eyes. While we all sit snug in our homes, worrying about paying the bills and putting food on the table, this City Council is implementing this treasonous agenda (that’s what A21 is – a “treasonous agenda”) that we all see unfolding right now in our little Sebastopol, that has been dictated by the United Nations, and this City Council is obediently implementing it right now, as though they are NOT serving the Citizens of Sebastopol, but appear to be serving someone else, whoever wrote UN Agenda 21, who is pushing the UN Agenda 21 plan (which calls for the destruction of all sovereign nations, btw). The over-building and over-population of our town by importing people from outside the area is a UN goal – and a Communist Manifesto goal – to destroy a city’s history and erase all memory of “how it was”. No, not a “theory”.

I could go on, but instead, I’m going to presume (a) that y’all are educated folks, and have probably already read UN Agenda 21/30 yourselves, since A21 was published publicly in 1992, when I first read it, and (b) that you find this City Council’s actions more than deplorable, but at LEAST deplorable, and they implement what is clearly a Treasonous agenda against these United States of America.

Treason, as you may or may not know, is punishable by death in this country. This is serious business going on in my little town of Sebastopol, and across the nation in other towns and cities, as well. There are a list of Agenda 21 participants at , but these “Members” are not the only cities implementing the UN Agenda 21/30 plan. Any city who is implementing “Sustainability” goals is implementing the UN Agenda 21/30 goals which are hostile to all sovereign nations, including the USA, and are targeting the populations for depopulation, which is a main goal of A21/30.

Go see for yourself. Read UN Agenda 21/30 (click here to read or download the pdf of A21/30) and you’ll see that I’m right about all of these Treasonous goals being implemented in my town and yours.

In my opinion, it’s time to turn off our TV’s and show up en masse (that means hordes of people) at every City Council meeting and demand that they stop implementing A21/30 here. Stop the building, stop destroying our beautiful little town, and really, the damage has already been done. You only need to look at the traffic congestion to realize that they’ve been intentionally overbuilding Sebastopol and the surrounding area. That’s not “serving the people”, not by any stretch of the imagination. That’s called “Implementing UN Agenda 21/30” and, by it’s very definition, it is an act of Treason.

Again, and as always, this article is based on my perspective, my observations, my opinions and my points of view. Peace.