Sebastopol, California – For those who grew up here, Sebastopol has always been a charming, friendly little town with a lot of heart. Some Sebastopolians describe it as “Mayberry RFD”, and indeed, it has had it’s similarities.

Today, Sebastopol is a far cry from the Sebastopol that native Sebastopolians remember. Our website,, is intended for Sebastopolians of all ilk, both Natives and Transplants alike, to talk and discuss issues of the day, and Sebastopol certainly does have it’s share of issues right now.

Recent events have caused great concern for many Sebastopolians, and will provide a place where Sebastopol people can share their thoughts and concerns and express themselves regarding all aspects, where Sebastopol is concerned.

The Forums are coming. We’re just getting up and running. Editors are just as concerned about recent actions taken by Sebastopol City Council which appear to have brought and caused more problems than we Sebastopolians expected. We’ll start there.

More coming…