Sebastopol Chemtrails 2024

Chemicals are being dumped on Sebastopol and Sonoma County every day now, and have been for years. We have no public record of what these chemicals are, or who is paying for tons of chemicals which are being dumped in our skies, on our friends and families and neighbors.

These photos (below) are just from the past couple of weeks. What are these chemicals? No one is reporting, so no one knows. The Press Democrat is clearly complicit, as they don’t investigate or report anything on this “Geoengineering”, which is what the compromised media calls it. Tennessee recently banned “Geoengineering” over the state of Tennessee. California, on the other hand, is clearly complicit in these chemical dumps.

While the Sebastopol City Council continues to destroy our community by implementing UN Agenda 21, which calls for eliminating all sovereign nations like the USA, a more urgent and obvious issue is the Chemical dumping going on over our heads every single day.

We will be demanding public records, via the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), from the County of Sonoma, and we will be reporting what we find out here. We will likely be filing a class-action lawsuit, depending on the validity of the documentation and the nature of the chemicals being poured out over Sebastopol and Sonoma County. More will be revealed…