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October 1, 2021 by Pat Riot, Publisher at ~ Normal Americans are everywhere in America… except on TV. Let me explain.

On TV today, we see Liberals, black people, icky people and Queers all over television commercials right now, ever since the NWO Bankers released Covid on us and sent their Anarchists (Antifa) and Marxist Racists (BLM) out to burn down America’s cities. But Normal Americans (NA’s), Christians and White people make up 86% of Americans, but less than 5% of the characters on new television commercials today. In real life, Normal Americans are everywhere, but on the television today, which is controlled by the NWO Bankers now, Normal Americans are scarce. It is an unrealistic representation of America right now on television, a delusional and intentional misrepresentation of American culture, and let me tell you why that is.

  1. The people who are producing television commercials, now that the New World Order Banker (NWO) Rothschild family has bought up virtually all of Hollywood, are simply doing what they’re told by their NWO bosses. The Rothschild’s write the script, and their flunky, well-paid employees do what they’re told. That’s their job: “Do what you’re told.” Creativity be damned, artistic creativity and realism have no place in a “woke” Hollywood, who are collectively Hell-bent on pushing their agenda on the rest of us. The Rothschilds are simply taking advantage of the godless, delusional Liberals in Hollywood, albeit paying them very well to ‘never say a word’ about “the script” they follow.
  2. The Rothschild family’s goals include eliminating Christianity from the world culture, (hence, the “new religion, Chrislam” the NWO Bankers are trying to sell us on right now), so they are making new television shows and TV commercials as disrespectful and as anti-Christian as they possibly can, in order to offend as many Christians as possible. That explains the 95% Queer, black and icky people. This does not just describe the characters in new commercials, these “Queer, black and icky people” are the people who are actually producing these commercials. In all fairness, black people are not producing these commercials. Blacks represent such a large percentage of new characters on TV shows and commercials because the Racist NWO Bankers believe that Normal Americans (which include many black people) will be offended by this. We aren’t. We love black folks, just like we love everyone else.
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Normal Americans can see the Conspiracy. The Not-Normal Americans think everything is a “conspiracy theory”, but they’re wrong about that. They simply cannot see… or hear. After 6 years of intense media propaganda, the Not-Normal Americans appear to be suffering from Media-Induced Psychosis (manifested as Trump Derangement Syndrome and more recently as “Anti-Vax Hate & Blame“, but it is “Media-Induced Psychosis” which is causing their delusional, unreasonable and odd behavior and startling compliance with the NWO Bankers’ directives (masks, mRNA injections, watching fake news, etc.).

Just as the “Conspiracy Theorists” predicted, the NWO Bankers are doing their best to force the world to accept their “UN Agenda 21 One World Government” dictatorship plan. If the “Conspiracy Theorists” are so wrong, as the brainwashed Not-Normal People keep saying, they’re pretty good at guessing and predicting  the elements of The Conspiracy, like germ warfare (Covid-19), One World Government agenda, Fake World Religion (just announced today) and the intentional take-down of the United States of America, all of which have been predicted for decades by those who the Not-Normal Americans call “Conspiracy Theorists”.

Normal Americans see what’s going on. Not-Normal Americans do not. We’ve shared a few examples of The Conspiracy unfolding right in front of our eyes and we’ll be sharing much, much more here on

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