New World Order Cartel

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The best kept secret on Earth, it seems, is the identities of the wealthiest, most influential people/families on Earth: Called “The Bilderberg Group” and also known as “The Deep State”, “The New World Order Cartel” and “New World Order Communists”, these wealthy families – kept secret by the Mainstream Media which they collectively own – include the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Bushes, George Soros, the Royal Family of the British Empire, the Saudi Arabian King and many more who are either members or affiliates of the Bilderberg Group, as well as those who work for this group of Atheist Billionaires (the Clintons, Jeffrey Epstein (who didn’t kill himself), America’s Democrat Party and many known Terrorist organizations).

The New World Order Cartel is believed to be responsible for releasing COVID-19 after infiltrating the US government at the highest levels in order to attempt to shut down all small businesses and completely bankrupt America‘s economy. is going to teach you about these Communists, who  have employed the Democrat Party in their effort to terrorize and take down the United States government.

Sound confusing? It is really very simple, although the NWO Cartel would like you to be confused. In a nutshell:

  1. The Bilderberg Group are some of the wealthiest people/families on Earth. The Rothschild family, the Rockefeller family, the Bush family, Bill Gates and his wife, the Royal Crown (yes, the Queen of England and royal family), and many others who have joined the Bilderbergs relatively recently – Amazon’s CEO Bezos, other globalist CEO’s, Epstein – oh wait… Jeffrey Epstein is “dead” now. But you get the picture – the wealthiest people on Earth are bored with their wealth and want to rule the world now. A totally bizarre and maniacal plan, to wipe out 7 billion people and leave just 245,000 to continue Mankind, but that’s their estimate to what needs to happen in order for the Earth to become “Sustainable”. These NWO Communists are certifiably crazy, mentally ill and deranged.
  2. They created the UN for this purpose, and the World Bank, the World Health Organization and the World Court. They intend to create a “one world government”, a dictatorship in which they are the dictators. Unbelievable, isn’t it? But it’s not. It’s exactly what these mentally unstable people are planning.
  3. The Democrat Party, like Senator McCarthy warned us in the 1950’s, is run by NWO Communists. The New World Order Cartel dictates every move the Democrat Party makes today.
  4. The Bilderberg Group collectively own every major American broadcast company and media outlet in the USA and use it for grooming viewers to accept their plan to rule the world, feeding viewers Communist propaganda, a little bit at a time. They promote Homosexuality in order to tear down the American Family, they are responsible for every mass shooting and act of Terrorism in the past 50 years, they assassinated JFK, Martin Luther King Jr, shot Ronald Reagan (like Trump, Reagan was the only other POTUS who was NOT a Bilderberg Group member). Every “news” media uses the exact same script, provided to them by the Bilderberg Group. They attack Christians in seemingly subtle ways such as including “G** d*** it” in virtually every episode of every television show and movie Hollywood produces, in order to make disrespecting God part of the common culture. The ungodly NWO Cartel run the Teachers Union and are responsible for removing God from school and government. They have infiltrated the US Government at the highest levels and are systematically destroying the United States of America from the inside and outside. Movies and TV are overflowing with violence and sex and Hollywood no longer produces family-oriented programming. That’s because the Evil that we see in these movies is the Evil that lives in these Communists’ hearts and minds. Hollywood productions are a reflection of the darkness that lives in the Pedophiles, rapists and murderers who produce these movies, TV shows and commercials. That’s right, they produce the commercials you see, as well, which is why Homosexuals are everywhere in commercials nowadays. Homosexuals aren’t everywhere in America, but they are on TV and in movies.
  5. NWO Cartel uses Racism and COVID Terrorism to terrorize those who are viewers of their Media “news” shows.

    Read UN Agenda 21 for more information on what these New World Order Cartel, these NWO Communists are up to. Agenda 21 is being implemented in more than 600 cities and towns across America and it’s not an American plan – it is a New World Order Cartel plan. Read it.

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