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October 11, 2020 by Pat Riot, Publisher of & ~

Liberalism Disorder raises it’s ugly head… again. Apparently it’s not enough that Liberalism Disorder-suffering Leftists have comer out of the closet to show the rest of us how obsessively hateful they are toward President Donald Trump and the United States of America, now Liberal teachers are openly rioting, firebombing Democrat-run cities and bragging about it on Twitter.

Liberal teachers appear to have lost sight of of what their jobs are – to teach children, to give America’s children a good education to prepare our children for Life. Instead, Liberalism Disorder has turned many, if not all Liberal teachers into Domestic Terrorists, not just indoctrinating children with Marxist beliefs and not just by setting fires, but teachers in Washington state, Oregon and California are engaging in rioting and throwing bricks at Police Officers. Liberal teachers have violated their collective agreement as paid public employees, Public Servants, to uphold the US Constitution. Most Americans believe that all of them should lose their jobs, but the people paid for by taxpayers to oversee America’s teachers – Superintendents of Schools across the nation – apparently see nothing wrong with their teachers engaging in Domestic Terrorism and burning down the cities and terrorizing the people of their own communities.

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The anarchist/fascists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the Racist, Marxist Domestic Terrorist organization whose leaders have bragged that “We are trained Marxists”, appear to be suffering the most from Liberalism Disorder which has rendered  ungodly Democrat Party members incapable of rational thought now, as the Liberal Agenda dominates the thinking and behavior of even successful and wealthy businessmen, such as CEO’s and owners of professional sports teams, despite seeing that their support for Racist/Marxist BLM has turned American sports fans away from the NFL, NBL, NHL, NASCAR and MLB. Patriotic Americans, aka “Patriots”, who are no longer watching pro sports, have stopped purchasing pro sport memorabilia and no longer support advertisers who still purchase advertising time on games which American Patriots no longer watch.

We believe that Liberalism Disorder is the root cause of the obsessive Hate and violence that America’s cities are experiencing, but it is another mental illness that is fueling the arson and riots in Democrat-run cities: Trump Derangement Syndrome, or TDS, is a serious and chronic mental illness which doctors believe is caused by the NWO-owned Mainstream Media’s incessant fostering of Hate 24/7, 365. TDS renders the afflicted incapable of reasonable thought and one of the most noteworthy symptoms of TDS, like all addictions, is Denial. Liberals who suffer from TDS seem to have been programmed, through the most sophisticated and sinister psychological warfare the NWO Press utilizes against viewers, to ignore the fact that once-intelligent people have become haters and racists now.

The American Psychiatric Association appears to be afraid to weigh in or address the Liberalism Disorder or the TDS epidemic in the godless, Leftist community. Surely, one day the APA will risk addressing these NWO Press-induced mental health crises, but today they are in hiding, unwilling to confront the Democrat Party or the NWO Globalist families who are behind this attempt to overthrow the US government.

The silver lining to LD and TDS is that the vast majority of Americans are not affected by the NWO Press psychological warfare tactics. People on the Right and in the political middle in America are not suffering from either Leftist epidemic (LD and TDS). Because Liberal Leftists comprise less than 10% of the American population, most Americans are watching this walking/talking mental health crisis from a distance, stocking up on guns and ammunition in order to prepare to protect themselves and their families from the Racists and Marxist Democrat Party funded BLM and Antifa fascist/terrorists who are literally burning down the entire West Coast.

Because the Democrat Party Mayors and Governors have turned down President Trump’s repeated offers to send in National Guard help to quell the violence in their cities, innocent Americans are being terrorized by the largely homosexual, low intelligence gullible Americans (we call them “the Gullibles”) and the Liberal teachers who make up the majority of the Domestic Terrorists waging this war against the innocent citizens of the United States of America. It’s no coincidence that these populations, all of which suffer from personal and collective Self-loathing and Self-hatred, are directing their personal hatred toward innocent people in their communities, blaming “the system” when, ironically, these ungodly, Narcissistic self-obsessed people are primarily what is wrong with “the system”.

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Before the wealthy NWO Rapists and Pedophiles started abducting America’s children in the 1960’s, America’s streets were safe for our children. Today, because these Predators roam freely, in large part thanks to the Liberal and Pedophile judges appointed by Democrat Party presidents, we no longer see our children on bicycles or playing in parks. Instead, we see the homeless people on bikes and parks in our cities, since Democrat Party Mayors and Governors are intentionally growing the homeless populations in their respective cities and states, giving them just enough money to support their drug/alcohol habits, but not enough money to put them back on their feet. Democrats facilitate homelessness, unlike Christian Gospel Missions and ministries who truly minister to end homelessness for people.

Part of the Liberal Agenda, rendering people homeless is one of the goals of the sick and evil Democrat Party/Liberal Agenda, in order to make as many people as possible reliant on government services for survival. Democrats think by making people poor and keeping them poor, that those people will vote Democrat in the future. But as Democrats continue to destroy lives and render people incapable of supporting themselves, Patriot Americans who serve in Christian ministries are helping those people get back on their feet and get new lives in place.

The end of the Democrat Party is near. The ungodly behavior, the dishonesty and the obsessive hatred exhibited by Democrat Party leaders have chased all reasonable Americans away from the Democrat Party. That is why Democrats are now building their base out of angry homosexuals, murderers and violent criminals that Democrat Party Governors are releasing from prison before they have served their sentence for the violent crimes they’ve committed – no one else is left! Reasonable, common sense Democrats have all joined the WalkAway Movement and have walked away from this ungodly, anti-American, Liberalism Disorder/Trump Derangement Syndrome infected Democrat Party… because they’re too smart to be manipulated by Evil. #EpsteinsIsland #Trump2020

January 14, 2020 by Pat Riot, Publisher of ~

Liberalism Disorder is a real and chronic mental illness affecting approximately 8-10% of Americans today – the entire Liberal population appears to be affected.  It has exploded like a virus since Hillary Clinton lost the Presidential election to President Donald Trump in 2016.

Since that time, American Liberals have come out of the closet regarding their radical anti-American beliefs, their devotion to Globalism and their hatred for America. At last, all Americans now know how Democrat Party members really feel… and it’s not pretty.

It’s not pretty and it’s not healthy and it is not safe for children and other living things. Liberalism Disorder has caused such a complete and chronic meltdown in the minds of Liberal Americans that most Americans want nothing to do with their Loony Leftist Democrat friends. Reason and reality are out the window with LD sufferers. They are glued to their televisions and CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC and ABC in order to be told what to believe now. It’s pathetic and it’s sad, what the Democrat Party has become.

Some speculate that the Globalist Mainstream Media is using subliminal messaging, which would explain why the entire Liberal Left broke out in tears when Killary lost the election in a complete emotional meltdown which can only be described as a collective nervous breakdown… or a chronic mass hysterical mental illness meltdown.

We at American Nation are not sure what has caused Liberalism Disorder, but we know for a fact that it is a chronic, debilitating mental illness which causes anti-social and hateful anti-American demagoguery. We pray for these Liberal Democrats, because that godless group refuses to pray for themselves.

The upside is that the rest of us now know what it’s like to live in Hell. All we have to do is watch Liberal Democrats for a few minutes.

Yes, Liberalism Disorder is a  chronic mental disorder which is already being studied. Another form of NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER: “The Mayo Clinic defines NPD as “a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration.”  This seems in tune with the fact that liberals, along with their degenerate offspring, the Occupy Wall Street movement, believe their policies and platforms fall in the majority – or the 99% if you will – despite being outnumbered by conservatives at a 2-1 clip.”

Other symptoms of Liberalism Disorder include:

  1. Expecting constant praise and admiration
  2. Being jealous of others
  3. Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans
  4. Setting unrealistic goals
  5. An inflated sense of their own importance
  6. A deep need for admiration
  7. An overblown sense of entitlement
  8. Trouble keeping healthy relationships
  9. In order to make yourself feel better, you may react with rage or contempt and efforts to belittle the other person to make yourself appear better

These are classic Liberalism Disorder symptoms of Democrat Party members today. Liberalism Disorder is indeed a serious mental illness.

September 1, 2019

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