I Am American

Welcome to IAmAmerican.net, another Patriot website by AmericanNation.net.

Are you tired of the anti-American Liberalism Disorder-infected Leftist radicals who are trying to take down the United States of America right now, using the Democrat Party Communists, Antifa Fascists and Black Lives Matter Marxists organizations to destroy Democrat-run cities, invited to do so by the Democrat Party Marxist Mayors and Governors who have refused to allow Trump to send in federal help to put an END to this terrorism? We are too. We will talk about this and about the endless hoaxes perpetrated by anti-American Democrat Party traitors, as well.

The best news, in my opinion, is that American Patriots are fully armed and gathering together and are prepared to protect virtually all communities across America now. With Democrat Party Mayors inviting in Terrorists, demanding that Trump NOT intervene, demanding their police “stand down” to these Rioters and Looters and Terrorists, the rest of America is ready to meet them face-to-face, and Patriots WILL NOT allow the violence, destruction and mayhem and murder to take place in our communities. Hallelujah, praise God and thank the Lord for our 2nd Amendment, my fellow Patriots!

By the way, the COVID Hoax is over. The CDC “quietly” announced that only 9,638 Americans have died from COVID-19, not the 161,000+ that they were lying about last week and the 6 months before.

So take off your masks, stop the ‘social distancing’ bullcrap and start gathering and educating your children in local community school programs with other American Patriot parents, NOT in what have become liberal, government-run Marxist “public schools”, in which teachers are teaching children to be Racist, Socialist and violent like the BLM Racists and Terrorists that American Teachers Union now supports.

We will be talking about these issues and much more, because you are American and I am American.