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HARDCORE CHRISTIANS are a Progressive Northern California rock band comprised of uncompromising Christian Americans on a radically relentless pursuit of Truth, taking a stand in Christ Jesus, for family, freedom and Truth through song and praise; Principled, Holy Spirit-filled Christian Men who are not afraid to stand up to tyranny at home or abroad and fight for their Sons, their Daughters, their Wives, their homes, their families, truth, justice and the American Way. It’s how we’re made, in God’s image.

Founded in 2001, HARDCORE CHRISTIANS includes members of the original Christian Rock band CHRISTIAN, who are collaborating with AMERICAN NATION Producer PAT RIOT to produce this new album for HARDCORE CHRISTIANS, to lay down an even more aggressive and creative style of driving, original Rock music.

Meet HARDCORE CHRISTIANS. Still rockin’ in the Free World! 🇺🇸

Music is coming… we promise.

#HardcoreChristians 👆🏻