It is WAY past time for Americans to form a united coalition to stand up to, and go after, the Queers, Pedophiles, Crossdressers and Terrorists who have infiltrated our precious government. No, it’s not hopeless. No, “the world” is not f***ed up. Yes, there IS something you can do.

A small handful of wealthy Narcissistic Pedophiles have overthrown the US Government and many other governments, worldwide. The world is not f***ed up, it’s just this small handful of Pedophiles, Queers and Crossdresser Terrorists who are f***ed up and We the People are going to finally do something about these creepy people who are coming after our children, who plan to commit Global Genocide against 8 billion of us (stated clearly in UN Agenda 21/30), who have been abducting children for generations in order to rape, torture and murder our innocent children in the dark.

Well, now they are out in the light. We can see who they are and we are prepared to defend and protect our children, our culture and our American Family. We have formed the CITIZENS RIGHTS COALITION (CRC) and we are going to restore our nation to it’s former glory and rid our culture of these degenerate Criminals who have infiltrated our government. It’s not just our RIGHT to do so – it’s our DUTY, to God, to our families and to our country.

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It. Is. On.

NEXT: Mission #1 – Local efforts, nationwide, save an entire nation. We’ll be focusing first on the most egregious, obvious and long-term crimes against us all: Chemtrails – the dumping of toxic and harmful, deadly chemicals on us all, worldwide, in the sky.

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