Q meme from 2018 – What’s happened since then? Nothing but distractions. Obama caught spying. Hillary destroying Congressional subpoenaed evidence. Pelosi staging the fraudulent Jan. 6 fake “Insurrection” and murdered Ashley Babbit. WTF, Q? Where is the “Justice”?

May 4, 2024 ~ This Q meme from 2018 ends with “Justice coming”… and yet… No justice. What’s happened since then? Nothing but distractions. Obama caught spying. That’s Treason. Hillary destroying Congressional subpoenaed evidence. That’s Treason. Pelosi staging the fraudulent Jan. 6 fake “Insurrection” and murdered peaceful Veteran Ashley Babbit. WTF, Q? Where is the “Justice”? I’m not seeing it.

THINKING OUT LOUD ~ Makes me wonder sometimes if we aren’t being played by both sides. Trump seems genuine, but so did many throughout history who did nothing but deceive the People. Have we seen even ONE arrest for Treason yet? Obama, Clinton, Pelosi OPENLY committing TREASON and getting CAUGHT with REAL EVIDENCE and yet… no justice.

It’s making me wonder if We the People just need to handle all of this ourselves. Eliminate the Middle Man, so to speak, because really, when you look at the facts, We have NO ONE in our corner anymore. No one. The trials are a big distraction. The Treason continues unabated and undeterred. Who is being played here again? Me thinks maybe WE are.

If Trump was who he says he is, and I’ve been behind Trump 110% since 2015, but if he is who he purports to be, and if he has the Real Military behind him like we think (if Trump actually handed over the government to the Military after the 11/3/2020 election fraud and Insurrection), why are Muslim and Chinese Terrorists STILL pouring over our borders by THE THOUSANDS every freaking day? Why are Obama and Clinton and Pelosi still walking free instead of being in PRISON or hanging from a noose in Guantanamo? THAT would be “Justice”. 

Well, I’ve always been ahead of the curve by at least a year, so most of you probably aren’t ready to even CONSIDER what I just wrote. So be it. I am prepared. And I think 90 million Patriots should be gathering and connecting NOW as an independent American Militia, before this Shadow Government gets too many of their UN Army inside our border. Just my honest thoughts today. #FightOrDieAmerica 🇺🇸


May 3, 2024 ~ BIG TRUTH is about exactly what it’s name implies: BIG TRUTH. The new BIG TRUTH website at doesn’t subscribe to the political correctness of the Establishment Monopoly/Big Pharma/Big Pedophile/Big Media, nor will we even entertain the ridiculous false narratives and nonsense that the Establishment Monopoly feeds the public airwaves via ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, CNN, MSNBC and all of their compromised affiliates. These wealthy A-holes have been lying to the People for centuries, and we’re done with it. We’re done listening to them, we are done letting them into our homes and we’re done letting them run our governments through Shadow Governments.

Filled with Holy Spirit Discernment, the staff of BIG TRUTH can tell the difference between lies and truth, recognize hidden agendas and false narratives and BIG TRUTH is not afraid to call out the Establishment Monopoly on any/all of the garbage, propaganda and terrorism that Big Media calls “news” and “education”.

BIG TRUTH has a prediction to make, as well: When the Second Great Depression is over, perhaps as soon as 2025 but probably more like 2034, like the first Great Depression, which took America 10 years to recover, we predict that Americans will no longer be willing to do business with the Establishment Monopoly. Americans will have abandoned Amazon, Apple, Google, Target and the other Shadow Government businesses, and Americans will probably have taken part in securing the arrests and convictions of those evil and wealthy families, and the American Traitor Politicians who are betraying our country right now.

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