American Christians – we identify today as “American-Christian” – have been tolerant and patient with the Racists, the Racist Propaganda Media, Queers and the godless, mentally unstable Liberals, who have all done their best to push their degenerate lifestyles on the rest of us for 50 years. We believe it’s time for our Light to shine now.

We don’t want a month or a day. We want the whole year, every year, and we are declaring – and demanding – that 2023 is hereby decreed as “American-Christian Year 2023”.

While we are open to you joining us in eternal salvation by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, we will not demand that you accept Christ. We will not flood the airwaves, as the Queers have, nor will we demand Reparations for the decades of media abuse we’ve endured. We believe in Freedom for all, and that includes the Freedom, if you so choose, to live like Hell and even to choose to spend eternity in Hell. We support you in that decision; after all, it’s your life, right?

But considering that 58% of Americans identify as “Christian”, we’ve decided to exercise our right, the right of the Vast Majority, to share in the celebration of OUR culture, like the rest of you have for so long. No longer bogged down by Catholic guilt or committed to a life of passivity, American-Christians are strong, brave, armed and toasting the blessed Life we’ve all received and are inviting you to celebrate it with us for the rest of the year 2023!

By the way, we’re declaring 2024 “American-Christian Year”, as well! It’s going to be awesome! Hope you join us, but if not, it’s going to be awesome for US!