Freedom and protection. They are the Touchstones of American life. Without these two God-given rights acknowledged in our Constitution’s First and Second Amendments, Americans are subject to the same Communism which much of the world experiences, while their NWO-appointed Despots pose as ‘elected leaders’.

These are NOT “elected leaders”; they are hand-picked Communist puppets, chosen by the Rothschild Cartel (NWO) to do the Rothschilds’ bidding and dirty deeds, with the ultimate goal of (a) taking down all formerly-free countries and (b) establishing the “One World Government” described in UN Agenda 21 which was published in 1992.

As the NWO’s plan is starting to crash down all around them right now, the NWO is in a panic, desperately trying to keep the Gullibles scared to death and scrambling to accuse intelligent, well-informed Americans, who are speaking out, as “dangerous Terrorists”, using the Rothschild/Rockefeller-owned global Mainstream Media to slander all of us publicly.

We at AmericanNation.net praise God for our Spiritual gift of discernment and for giving us the courage and fearlessness to declare our right to freedom and Liberty as we speak our hearts and minds in heavily censored Communist/NWO Socialist Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

We, the freedom-loving Patriots all across the World, will not be intimidated or bullied by the NWO Communist Rothschild Cartel, their propaganda Terrorism ’Mainstream Media’ or their Flunkies in the Communist-Democrat Party. We will not comply with their Draconian Terrorist demands that we submit to their Communist authority.

We will not comply… not in this lifetime, and not ever, for we are free people, granted our freedom by God, not by Man. 1A/2A forever…

More coming…