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Spiritually Bankrupt Democrat Party

It’s not a matter of opinion: the Democrat Party is spiritually bankrupt. Collectively, they are the most obviously godless group of individuals in our country and their complete lack of principles reveals that in spades.

Dishonesty is a way of life for Democrats today. They are collectively the rudest most hostile group of Americans in America. They don’t even appear to be aware of just how Neanderthal their behavior has become, probably because they only hang out with one another… or perhaps brcause no one else will hang out with them, except for other godless, unprincipled loud mouths like them.

America isn’t that, however. America is not godless or hostile toward strangers or unfriendly or guilty of ongoing character assassination of our own President. That describes Communists, not Americans.

Ohhhhh… so that’s the problem with the Democrat Party today: the Democrat Party has been taken over by the Communist Party USA. It’s true. Hence, all of the hate for all things American. Americans don’t hate all things American, but the Democrats hate all things American. That’s because the Democrat Party of today is made up of two groups of people: 1) Communist Party members and 2) people who are weak, who are Followers, who let CNN tell them what to think. That’s why they’re so angry. They’re Communists and weak-willed Americans who are being controlled by CNN, MSNBC and the other Fake News shows that the Hater Media broadcasts.

More coming. Oh, I’m just getting started…