Let’s talk about the “Unamericans” in our midst. That’s what we call them. Traitors, Turncoats, Communist Infiltrators, Terrorists, Democrats – these are the ‘Unamericans‘ who have been positioned by the Democrat Party to terrorize our cities, destroy our statue heritage, attack innocent men, women and children. The ‘Unamericans’ also live in our neighborhoods, sit on local City Councils and School boards, chipping away at all that is America with their UN Agenda 21 bullshit that calls for an end to the United States of America. These Unamericans now sit in Congress, state legislatures and other positions of influence (Mayors, County Health Officers, County Supervisors, City Councils, School Boards) – invited in by other Unamericans known as the “Democrat Party”, these types of people are all definitely “Unamericans“.

They are NOT Patriots. They are NOT pro-American. They DO NOT love our country and all are working AGAINST the United States of America.

This includes the current Terrorists who are calling themselves “Black Lives Matter”, whose agenda has nothing to do with being black and make no effort to help insure that black persons’ lives matter. “Black Lives Matter” are apparently Muslim Brotherhood-associated Terrorists who have hijacked (and/or founded) the BLM group who appear to have been invited by Democrat Party Mayors (who are Unamericans), with permission from their Democrat Party Governors (also Unamericans), to destroy Democrat-run cities across America. That they only terrorize one city at a time suggests there aren’t that many of them, that they can only manage terrorizing one city at a time. If it were a sincere movement of/by the people, for example, one would think that all cities, Democrat-run and Republican-run alike, would likely erupt in violence all at once, but we suspect that this is one group of Muslim-led Terrorists, imported to attack America by a Democrat Party who could not take Trump down, despite multiple hoaxes/Media driven failed attempts (Kavenaugh Hoax; Russian Collusion Hoax; Ukraine Hoax; Impeachment Hoax), who go from Democrat Party town to Democrat Party town, rioting.

Unamericans.org will be publishing eye-opening articles to help raise public awareness about the kinds of people – Unamericans – who are attacking our culture, our cities, terrorizing viewers on TV, etc. Unamericans.org will be providing poignant and relevant memes which point to these Unamericans and their un-American activities, so that we all get used to referring to them by the most accurate name we could think of for the Traitors, Communists, Liberals, Democrats and Terrorists that they are. These people are truly “Unamericans“.

You heard it here first.


 (ˌʌn əˈmɛr ɪ kən)
1. Persons who oppose the aims, ideals, customs, etc, of the US
2. Persons who are against, and who work against the interests of the US



1. not in accordance with the aims, ideals, customs, etc, of the US
2. against the interests of the US

2 Replies to “Unamericans”

  1. That is bull shit at least Democrat not sucking off nazi trump and his butt buddy Putin like the The Republicans

    1. Respectfully, Sir, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Right now, the Rothschild family is the US President. But because you have no idea what you’re talking about, you won’t believe that, either. Getting your information from the Rothschild-owned Mainstream Propaganda Media makes you among the least informed, ignorant people in America. Trump was a pro-America American, Sir. The Democrats work for the Rothschild Crime Family. Look it up – NOT on the Mainstream Media websites; look it up on independent news sites and you’ll see that I am 100% right about this.

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