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I’ve been polite. We’ve all been polite, for a long, long time. While European Globalist Bankers have been busy infiltrating our government at the highest levels, and their fake news, propaganda-producing media stations have been feeding straight up bullsh*t to our fellow Americans, the masses who are either too ignorant, too gullible or incapable of exercising a little common sense and turn off their TV’s, We the People, the level-headed, commonsense, respectful and grateful, largely Godly American people have humbled ourselves by biting our tongues while we’ve patiently tried to politely wake up the braindead, brainwashed Liberals among us. To no avail, clearly. We have failed to wake up those who still sit obediently before their television sets – again – for yet another day of ‘programming’.

I’ve had enough now. I’m done biting my tongue and I’m done being polite. We are now dead set in the middle of a war that we Americans are clearly losing right now, and this American will live free or die, come Hell or high water, but I refuse to be bullied by the Criminals, Queers and Pedophiles who have been installed into positions of government, positions which are designated as ‘elected positions’. These creepy people, Democrats mostly, but many Republicans, as well, are not the elected representatives of me or you, or of any of our fellow Americans. They do not serve We the People. They all need to be identified, removed from their government positions, tried for Treason and Fraud by Military Tribunal, sentenced and subjected to public hangings, or any sentence that the U.S. Military Judges and Juries deem just. I. Am. Done. Now.

What a “clean slate” looks like: There is NOTHING on it. We need to make our government look like this, then start from scratch in hiring/replacing and electing only needed government employees.

I’m at that point where I will now begin to openly defend myself, my family, my community and my country from the Traitors and Enemies who are dug in within and throughout our government. Our First Amendment rights are being openly trampled, and this Insurrectionist government has imprisoned hundreds of faithful Patriots using mock trials and sentences which have nothing to do with the fraudulent charges with which they have all been charged.

TIME FOR A CLEAN SLATE ~ On July 4, 1776, our brave Patriot Founders approved America’s Declaration of Independence, stating in no uncertain terms that they will not be subjects to a tyrannical government any longer. Our DOI describes clearly the method We the People must utilize if/when the government of the United States of America were ever to become tyrannical again – and here we are, exactly there.

We the People are currently being ruled by Narcissistic a–holes and idiots, wealthy families who have become so insanely delusional that they have openly committed an Insurrection on 11/3/2020, and have declared war on the people of this entire planet in a document they have published entitled “United Nations Agenda 21”. They have laid out their plans and have declared their intentions clearly throughout their document, published in 1992, and I’m scratching my head as I wonder why they weren’t all arrested, or even dispatched somehow, by 1993, as most Terrorists would have been, after threatening to destroy other sovereign nations.

America’s Declaration of Independence boldly directs American Citizens to “throw off” any government who is discovered to be “tyrannical”. The term “throw off” means “to remove and replace”, as in ‘shut down the People’s government and rebuild it from scratch’. Our Founders were brilliant men, all of them. They established the greatest nation in the history of the world, and since that day, July 4th, 1776, European Bankers have infiltrated and overthrown this nation’s government, operating in the shadows for more than 150 years. These Bankers have assassinated every U.S. President who they perceived to be a threat to their control, including Presidents Garfield, Lincoln, and Kennedy, and attempted to assassinate President Reagan on March 30, 1981. They have held this nation hostage for far too long, and this American has decided that it is time for clean slate. Not only that, but American Nation staff has put together a strategy that every community, town and city can implement that will “Clean Slate” your community. Click here and here for details from AN sister site

It is time to heed the words of our nations founding document, and know when to “throw off” a tyrannical government.

VIOLATING THEIR OATH OF OFFICE ~ That is to say, it is time for We the People to “throw off” this tyrannical government and replace it with faithful, patriotic Americans. The founding document of these United States of America – our Declaration of Independence – directs Citizens to “throw off” this government, when it becomes tyrannical. Today, every member of Congress has/is violating their Oath of Office, to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America. That’s correct: every member of Congress is violating their oath of office, either because they are Traitors or because they are afraid that the Bankers will kill them if they don’t cooperate. Congressmen are either complicit in writing and supporting bills which are eroding our Constitutional rights, or they are being coerced by threat into cooperating, out of fear for their safety, or the safety of their family members’. Regardless why, anyone who doesn’t “defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America” is guilty of violating their sacred Oath of Office and must be removed from the government position they hold, elected, appointed or hired.

This nation’s greatest threat comes from Europe’s Central Bankers, who created the United Nations, the World Health Organization and many more unelected corporate groups who have waged war against America’s economy, autonomy and Soverignty, and these Bankers have infiltrated our government at virtually every level and are implementing their “New World Order” Communist Manifesto, which declares war on all sovereign nations, including ours.

Here is how we identify/know which of America’s “Public Servants” (all government employees are “Public Servants”, hired or elected to serve We the People) are violating their oath of office:

(1) When they propose, submit, support or vote for any law that violates the Constitutional rights of the Citizens of this country*, they have violated their Oath of Office and must be removed because only Traitors violate their Oath of Office.

(2) When they openly support the UN’s Agenda 21/30 plan, which is hostile to, and a declaration of war against, the United States of America, they are committing Treason and must be removed from the office they hold.

The keywords, regarding UN Agenda 21/30, is “Sustainable” and “Sustainability”. Any City Council or county Board of Supervisors’ agenda items or goals that contain the word “sustainable” or “sustainability” are virtually all UN Agenda 21/30 goals, which are hostile to the United States of America. Now you know. Go research y0ur county’s Board of Supervisor’s agenda topic history, then target those who are guilty of proposing, implementing or supporting the anti-America A21 agenda. Get busy. You can start right now.

AMERICANS ARE DONE TALKING NOW ~ We have talked until we are blue in the face, about every egregious and Treasonous act that the Democrat and Republican Parties have committed against We the People. We see their crimes, their Felonies and their Treason. We acknowledge openly online that they are committing Treason against the American People. Talking about it and making more people aware of this Treasonous Insurrection hasn’t fixed it. It is time to take action, and it is time for a clean slate, where the U.S. Government is concerned. Our entire government system is far too corrupt and far too broken to fix it. Nothing short of a clean slate will suffice, if We the People wish to recover our freedom, our liberty and our God-given Constitutional rights from the enemies who have taken these precious commodities from us all.

One town, one city at a time, perhaps, We the People need to move, en masse, to identify, confront, remove – physically if necessary – every corrupt Infiltrator, Traitor and Criminal who have infested the government of our great nation. Mayors, City Councils, county Boards of Supervisors, Judges all need to be removed from their positions as soon as possible, once they have been identified and comfirmed as providing aid to the enemy, and good Citizens of each town and city will need to be appointed temporarily to assume those government positions, while other government agencies are purged of corrupt, installed co-conspirators. Until new local, state and national elections can be held, in order to replace the Criminals and Traitors currently holding office across our land, average Citizens must take on the task of overseeing local, state and federal government agencies, temporarily.

The entire government must be purged, as we don’t know, nor do we have time to accurately assess, which government employees, specifically, are truly co-conspirators. That is why the Declaration of Independence recommends “throwing off” the entire government; all we really know is that the U.S. government has been compromised, seemingly at every level, and must be removed,in order to be replaced. It is our civic duty to throw off this government at this time.

IT IS A MANDATE, NOT A DUTY ~ More than “our civic duty”, it is time for this compromised government to become a clean slate… that’s the only reasonable next step, if America is going to survive as the greatest nation on Earth. And never forget: We can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 American Nation is calling on all of our faith-filled Christian brothers and sisters of faith to step up in faith, step out in faith and do whatever needs to be done in order to re-secure the blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our Posterity.


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