The New Tea Party


August 20, 2020 ~

The Tea Party is alive and well in America today, particularly In the Democrat Party-governed states. Gun stores have been cleaned out as American Patriots buy up as much ammunition and weapons as they possibly can, as Democrat Party-run states begin defunding their police departments. Tea Party Patriots are prepared to defend their homes, their families and their own lives with Second Amendment rights and guns that cannot be taken away by NWO Democrat Communists.

New Tea Party Patriot groups are springing up across the nation as American Patriots prepare to defend themselves from the Democrat Party-funded terrorists who have been hired to terrorize Americans. From California to Maine, American Patriots, who are the vast, albeit “Silent”, majority of Americans, are very well aware of who America’s enemies really are now.

The NWO-owned Media agencies of ABC NBC CBS MSNBC and CNN continue to run the same propaganda scripts day after day, Pretending that Trump has caused all of these riots and chaos and violence and shut down of American small businesses when, in reality, it is the Democrat Party Governors who have destroyed America small businesses, only in the Democrat Party-governed states.

Pitting American against American is what NWO Communists have done in order to take down several European nations, and now they have turned on the United States of America. Intelligent Americans can see that they are using racism, political affiliation and the ridiculous mask requirement to divide Americans against each other but the low information, low intelligence, most gullible Americans who get all of their news from the NWO Fake News Media think everything they’re told is true. They just don’t realize that it’s all a pack of lies and propaganda, designed to make them angry at the more intelligent Americans who don’t buy into this NWO Communist propaganda bullcrap.

We at are praying that the NWO is not successful at starting a Civil War here in America. We will continue to help wake up the gullible Americans so they can see that the Democrat Party is no longer the Democrat Party of the past, and is working with the NWO Communists to overthrow the United States of America.

God bless America!


January 17, 2020

Democrat Party leaders who are associated with Deep State government operatives (traitors) have waged war against the United States of America by attacking the US President Donald Trump. Their campaign of propaganda, deceit and lies published daily in Mainstream Media Fake News shows on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNBC has been ongoing and relentless, and the information used by Deep State Media has been false, fabricated and totally untrue.

Because President Trump began investigating Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s business deals in the Ukraine – after Biden bragged online about being guilty of Quid Pro Quo – the Democrat Party has been on a mission to take down the US government.

Make no mistake about it: This threat is real and the Democrat Party leaders have turned traitor on Americans. will keep you apprised as President Trump’s investigators uncover Democrat Party crimes against the American people.

Welcome to! God bless America!

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