September 3, 2020 ~ TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME – It is a diagnosable mental illness when a red hat TRIGGERS you to violence. Trump Derangement Syndrome is chronic and only manifests in those who watch CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC and CBS. NWO media owners are using psychological warfare on viewers. The evidence is crystal clear.

This is no “theory”. Their obsessive hate is real, and they are suddenly prone to violence over a red HAT?!? That is evidence of psychological manipulation and degradation. Ray Charles could see that TDS is Media induced, so where is the FCC?

When 5 of the 6 major broadcasting companies in this country have been openly ganging up on and attacking the President of the United States every single day for FOUR YEARS, all using the SAME SCRIPT each day – where is the FCC?! Is the FCC Director Deep State now too?

There is something seriously wrong going on here and American Patriots are just the folks to fix it… and we will. American Nation publisher Pat Riot will take a more indepth look at this collective mental illness called “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, TDS symptoms and diagnosis and ways to protect yourself from people infected with TDS and chronic TDS.


August 22, 2020 ~ I used to think Liberals were intentionally trying to destroy America because ‘that’s what the Liberal Agenda is”, but now I can see that my theory wasn’t accurate. Yes, Liberals definitely have an agenda to attack the American Family unit and Christianity and try to convince normal people that homosexuality is “normal”, but they only push the “homosexuality is normal” issue in order to attack the American Family and Christianity. That agenda, btw, is what Communists do in order to start to break a given country’s moral fabric and turn it to Communism. It’s happened many times throughout history, with the same disastrous results when Communists took over.

What I see today is far less sinister. Yes, these NWO Globalist Communists (GloComs) have been working to take over the entire world for more than 100 years – very sinister. It’s not a “Conspiracy Theory” like they’ve taught television viewers to believe. It is a bona-fide conspiracy against Mankind. But they aren’t everywhere, like I once thought. They just use their Media to paint a false narrative which makes us THINK they are everywhere.

Instead, these NWO GloComs – aka The Bilderberg Group – have targeted the “low information voters” (LIV’s, i.e. low intelligence voters) with their MSM propaganda, and have created a groundswell of LIVs (also now called “Dummies” in social media forums) who are out doing their bidding while thinking they are protesting some noble cause, but actually just providing cover for NWO Anarchists’ violence . Black Lives Matter is a perfect example. George Floyd didn’t die because of a knee on his neck. The NWO Media is a liar. George Floyd died from cardiac arrest, with congested lungs, because Floyd was a drug addict who didn’t take care of himself (Floyd had COVID that he wasn’t treating), and Floyd had Methamphetamine and Fentanyl in his system. THAT is what caused cardiac arrest . Final conclusion from the Coroner autopsy? Floyd died from Fentanyl overdose, NOT from a knee on the neck.

But the Bilderbergs know “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste” and set their NWO Media on the Floyd story to stir up the LIVs and sure enough, the “low information” folks took to the streets to protest, and the Bilderbergs sent in their Anarchists to destroy American cities, like they always do when LIVs take to the streets in protest – but NOT when Patriots take to the streets in protest by the way, because Patriots are smart and are not violent (unless provoked) but Patriots would surely shut down any Anarchists at their protests.

So the problem is the NWO GloComs/Bilderbergs, but they are few and the LIVs they’re using right now are many. The NWO Bilderberg’s alone could not wage war against the United States of America, but by manipulating the LIVs, they’ve turned Americans against Americans and now they have an outraged army on the ground, providing cover for their Anarchists to destroy city after city.

These LIVs truly believe they’re showing up for righteous reasons – the NWO Media has conned them into believing that. Because they are low intelligence people, they aren’t capable of the critical thinking skills the rest of us have, which has enabled us to see this Democrat Party/GloCom attack on America for what it is. LIVs can’t think that far. They can’t do the math or add up events ongoing and they cannot see the sinister agenda behind this attempt to destroy the USA. It’s not their fault. They’ve been watching what was the trustworthy Media but which has become the NWO Propaganda Media for decades now, and the NWO Media has intentionally manipulated the LIVs thinking to the point that they don’t see what’s really going on here today.

So what does that mean? That means that rest of us, the higher intelligence people, need to defend our country right now. We are virtually all gun owners, or if not, we should be by now, and we need to suit up and show up whenever these violent Anarchists think they’re going to destroy our communities, and ignore the LIVs completely – they really are just “Useful Idiots” to the NWO GloComs. Next, we do what the Democrats are doing through the NWO GloCom Media, from the Democrat Party playbook “Rules for Radicals”: RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

The “boots on the ground” for the NWO Bilderberg’s are the Democrat Party Congress men and women. Yes, the do-nothing Republicans work for the Bilderberg’s too, which is why the GOP is doing nothing about any of this violent attempt to overthrow our country, but it is the Democrat Party Congress members who are the boots on the ground for the NWO Bilderberg’s right now. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it, one person at a time. Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, Schiff and all of the other anti-American NWO Bilderberg agents in Congress, we remove and replace them all, one by one.

If We the People want peace in America, then we pick the target – any Democrat Party Congress member – freeze it by calling them out for their anti-American activities – personalize it by making is solely about their anti-American actions, their identifiable anti-American activity, like their voting record, their public record of anti-American statements, etc – and polarize it by not letting them change the subject or weasel their way out of their huge book of anti-American activities in which they’ve ALL engaged.

LIVs, or American “Liberals”, are not our problem, like I used to think they were. They are truly just “Useful Idiots” being used by the NWO Bilderbergs. It is Congress that must be removed and replaced ASAP. Congress has access to our taxpayer money, and they have the ability to make laws – which they have been – which are whittling away at our Constitutional rights.  Let We the People, the American Patriots, turn our focus on these agents of the NWO Globalist Communist Bilderberg Group and fire them all – Democrats and Republicans – and start being more discerning about who we put in their place. First, we start with the Democrats who are actively trying to take down our nation, destroying our cities and trampling our Constitutional rights.

Our Founders were not LIVs. Our Founders were intelligent men who knew that the Communist threat never goes away. That’s why they wrote our Constitution in the way they did – to protect our God-given rights until the end of time, or the End Times, whichever comes first. Let’s make our Founders proud right now, and exercise our God-given rights – every single one of them. STOP letting them make you wear a mask for a virus that is less deadly than the COMMON COLD. STOP letting them close your business. STOP letting them terrorize you on TV – STOP watching their fake news shows, for goodness sake.


August 21, 2020 ~ Let’s be honest… Democrat Gavin Newsom is a straight up liar. All godless Democrats are liars, and the most unprincipled people on the planet. All they care about is money and whether or not they get caught committing crimes.

Right now, Newsom – like every other Democrat Party Governor – is doing his best to destroy California. Newsom is diverting 80% of California’s water supply to the Pacific Ocean in order to destroy the Fruit Basket of America, the Central Valley. He has ordered all small businesses closed in order to bankrupt those small business owners and render them homeless, because Democrats want to make everyone homeless and reliant on government. Democrat Governors have made masks mandatory because masks make people afraid – of a virus that has a lower death toll than the Common Cold. Democrats are terrorizing America right now. Democrats are working for the Bilderberg Group, the Globalist Communists who own the US Mainstream Media and much of the world’s food distribution corporations (shortages will come next as they begin to starve us out) and are using the MSM as a weapon against anyone foolish enough to watch, to terrorize people with this relatively harmless virus. If you can’t see that the ruthless, godless, desperate Democrats are systematically trying to take down the United States of America, it’s because you’re still watching the “Fake News” shows produced by the Bilderberg Group and their associates.

Democrats have no conscience because they have no Holy Spirit in them. No discernment, no common sense, no defense against the Enemy, so they are owned by Satan and that is clear in everything they do. They are on my prayer list but I don’t have anything to do with people like them. It will take an act of God to shake the devil off their backs.

Apart from that, we just need to be wary and to take them down every chance we get. That’s the only way to ensure our nations Survival and our family safety. Democrats are liars, cheats and thieves, all of them, it seems.

The godless Liberals truly are The Lost Ones. Delusional, out in Left field, confused and owned by the Enemy now. They are no longer trustworthy. Don’t ever forget that. They are low intelligence individuals, who are easily manipulated by the NWO Media. Don’t ever forget that, either. There is something seriously mentally wrong with those people. We call it Trump Derangement Syndrome, but it’s even more than that. These Leftist Liberals are collectively very, very sick right now.

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