The Agency

November 5, 2021 by Don Cobb, Publisher at ~ Our sources tell us that the Deep State NWO Globalist assault on the citizens of the Earth is about to come to an abrupt and screeching halt. With the entire population of the world waking up now to the evil being forced upon so many, entire countries are standing up in objection to the forced State injections. Names are being logged and remembered, in preparation of the Military Tribunals which are being scheduled, as we speak.

As millions worldwide are dying after being injected with falsely identified “experimental” mRNA, immune systems are shutting down,  and people everywhere are rising up, as death tolls, Myocarditis, strokes, and blood clots rise, causing permanent injuries to millions of Earth’s Human population.

This Global Genocide which we’re all witnessing, which the global NWO Mainstream Media is ignoring, hiding, even, which just began nearly a year ago, is almost over.

Trump warned us several times, when he said “It’s going to get very bad, and then it’s going to get very, very good.” We are at the “bad” part right now. We’re heading for the “very, very good” part.

More coming, and it’s going to be great.  RIP David (our brother who died after his second mRNA injection) and the millions of other mRNA victims and their families. Please check back soon…

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