It’s not just the most famous word every spoken*… it’s the most fun and progressive Christian Rock/Pop band ever to come out of Sebastopol, California, in the heart of Wine Country – Northern California.

Don Cobb has been playing in original Rock/Pop bands since he was 14 years old, writing, recording and producing original music non-stop, all this time. “Music is just in me. God has been blessing me with original songs that just show up in my head, full blown sometimes, fully orchestrated with full band arrangements, all at once – BAM! There it is! MY job is to write it down, record it as quickly as I get it so that I don’t lose that inspiration! LOL”

Estela and Don Cobb of California rockers TETELESTI

Don and TETELESTI are currently producing 5 albums of original Rock and Pop songs, disrupted by a Stage 4 Throat Cancer diagnosis in 2012 and several other Life happenings since then. Currently with “The Love of My Life”, Estela, Don is making up for lost time, with his first single release slated for this Fall, 2019.

Don is Contemporary Music Director at the Presbyterian Church of Novato and leads both a Christian Rock band and a “not Christian” Rock band called “MOONSHINE ROAD”, both out of – you guessed it: Sebastopol, California.

TETELESTI will be plastering their new single all over the internet as soon as it’s released this Fall!

*”Tetelesti!” is the last thing Jesus Christ said before he gave up His life on the cross. An Aramaic term, Tetelesti means “It is finished!” Now you know!

TETELESTI has been producing original Rock/Pop Christian music since November 1998, with lead vocalist/songwriter DON COBB writing and producing TETELESTI’s original songs,  and original versions of Christian hymns and standards as well as TETELESTI’s studio albums.

tetelesti1TETELESTI has recently moved their website here, to the AMERICAN NATION family of servers, and we’ll have music and band information here soon. Please check back!

Be blessed and be a blessing. 



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