Silent American Majority

So here we are – pushing into the End Times, it seems. And the Silent American Majority has decided not to be so silent, any longer.

It’s about time.

So much has transpired over the past 50 years. While America languished in oppulent, Middle Class pleasures, the wealthy Communists of the world – the Bilderberg Group – were busy buying up every business essential to the modern world’s survival, every corporation which provides essential products such as food, communications corporations, medicine, pharmaceuticals and all the while, abducting, terrorizing and sexually abusing young boys and girls from all over the world. Sex trafficking, we call it today.

With Hollywood in their back pocket, and America’s trusted news sources like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and even lowlifers at MSNBC, this group of wealthy power-mongers – we’ll call them “The NWO Bankers” – have manipulated, threatened and coerced their way into the graces of Kings and Queens, heads of state, of Presidents of the United States and are well on their way to accomplishing their goal of ruling the world via their United Nations “One World Government” dictatorship plan.

Well, except for us, I mean. The USA is the only obstacle in their way now. With 70,000,000 gun owners, the world’s largest volunteer Militia on Earth, who own more than 300,000,000 guns, by the way, gun-owner Patriots of the USA have presented quite the sticking point for the NWO Bankers.

They have conned every other nation on Earth except China in to giving up their guns, but Americans don’t seem real willing to give up ours. It’s simply not going to happen.

So they wage war against President Donald Trump, but make no mistake – it’s you they want. You and me and our guns. We the People have become more than just a “little problem” for these wealthy Communists and these ruthless bastards, whose families took out Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, US Attorney General Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and a host of other faithful, God-fearing Patriots, and tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan, but failed… like they’re failing again, right now.

We the People, the Silent American Majority, are about to do a sh*tload of ass-kicking and cleaning up our mess and the Democrat Party – the Democrat-Communist Party, really – has become the whipping boy for our magnificent standing army. We will not fail and we will not give up until we have cleaned every last Communist from within our national, state, county and local governments. It is time for the Silent American Majority to do it’s job in protecting our great nation, for God’s sake and ours.

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