Second Civil War

Welcome to SECOND CIVIL WAR. net! We’ll be talking about that which Liberals are making inevitable today, with their hate and their violence and their dysfunctional, antisocial and anti-American behavior, pitting their Communist Democrat Party against American Patriots nationwide. God help them when it’s over because we won’t.

These people are all Traitors, these radical Liberal CNN Puppets – every Liberal CNN Puppet is a brainwashed Traitor to America and a Traitor to the American way of Life: God, country and family. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light. Lord, let this Second Civil War be over quickly, let us cleanse the halls of Congress of the foul and corrupt Communist and anti-American influence and let our country be rid of the mental illnesses at the root of Political Correctness, Liberalism Disorder, Trump Derangement Syndrome and the foolish blindness of Godlessness. God bless America, Father, in Jesus powerful and precious Name. Amen.

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Don King, Editor of

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