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Needless to say, Sebastopol, like many other small towns and cities across America, has undergone a serious transformation over the past 50 years. Some of it has been good and much of this transformation has not seemed to be in Sebastopol’s best interests.

If you bring this subject up with native Sebastopolians, born and raised in Sebastopol (like me), you’ll find most agree with our statements above. Bring it up with Transplants, especially Bay Area Transplants, you’ll find that the majority of these folks disagree with our statements above. That’s because it is primarily Bay Area folks who have moved here from the more densely populated Bay Area who have initiated most of the changes which have caused Sebastopol’s most notorious problems – traffic, housing, homelessness, and more.

Those who identify as “Progressives” will likely deny that it’s even possible for a small town to return to it’s most charming characteristics, for they believe that “progress” is inevitable and bullet-proof. Those who identify in more traditional ways as Americans know that the “progress” we’re witnessing in this country, and in our own community, really isn’t “progress” at all, but is really the ongoing, systematic erosion of the rights and freedom upon which this Constitutional Republic was built.

We’ll be discussing these issues and more, and we will offer our suggestions, as native Sebastopolians, which will be intended to help solve these problems and help Sebastopol return to the ‘Small Town USA’ personality it has always had (until recently, of course) .

If you would like to respond to any of the articles we post here on the Sebastopolian Blog, feel free to use the comment feature here or use our forums to voice your comments.

Welcome to “OUR SEBASTOPOLIAN BLOG” and we look forward to sharing our thoughts, ideas and suggestions with you and we look forward to thoughtful discussions which might ensue, aimed toward consideration, and the notion of, restoring the sweet, small town character of Sebastopol and the wonderful little small town personality in which many of us grew up, here in Sebastopol, California!

A special “shout out” to all of you faithful Analy Alumni who had the courage and the passion to stand up and speak up when the renegade Analy School Board took it upon themselves to cancel Analy’s great heritage and changed the names of Analy and El Molino High Schools and renamed the school district, all without any public consideration!

You strong and vocal Analyans are the perfect example of what this country needs right now to counter the radical Leftwing agenda which seeks to cancel our nation’s great history and heritage! We applaud your courage and we pray that you continue to fight to protect your community and our nation from those who wish to cancel our great history!

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