March 12, 2020 update (Originally published November 14, 2019) ~ RIGHT-MINDED is driving this new campaign to completely rid America of the foul, racist and divisive Democrat Party, once and for all. “Republican SWEEP 2020!” is our cry for the 2020 Presidential and Congressional elections.

The Democrat Party has lost all semblance of professionalism and decorum since President Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election, sending a whining, crying and blaming Hillary Clinton home to nurse her wounds. Democrats were so sure that their usual election fraud tactics would put Clinton in the White House that they instructed their lapdogs in the Mainstream Media (MSM) to report that 92% of Americans were voting for her. In fact, the MSM’s attempt to manipulate public opinion had once again FAILED, and Americans voted en masse for Donald Trump, knowing that a corrupt Hillary Clinton in the White House would be all bad for the USA.

The MSM continues to try to manipulate public opinion instead of reporting the news – the REAL news. Real news is a thing of the past thanks to the Democrat Party/Mainstream Media partnership, a corrupt and probably illegal partnership, but clearly an immoral and unethical arrangement. Thankfully, America is not as stupid as the Democrat Party leaders think we are, and cannot be influenced in the way the Democrats/MSM is attempting to manipulate public opinion. Americans are smarter than that, We the People are stronger than that and We the People are not fooled by the Fake News effort that the MSM continues to make.

A recent college poll shows that only 6% of college-age young men and women watch the MSM fake news shows today, which means that most college age young men and women are not being propagandized or victimized by subliminal messaging like the MSM Watchers are. We are praising God for that change in college-age viewership dropping so dramatically. RIGHT-MINDED continues to pray that the USA is seeing the last desperate death rattle of a corrupt and manipulative Democrat-Communist Party Mainstream Media, and RM encourages MSM Watchers to stop subjecting themselves to the propaganda and subliminal messaging that pours out of the Democrat-Communist Party Mainstream Media broadcasts every day, 24/7.

REPUBLICAN SWEEP 2020, baby! Keep America great, Americans!

November 13, 2019 ~ RIGHT-MINDED is taking issue today with the foolishness of the “impeachment” hearing when every American knows the Democrat Party is (a) sour grapes after losing the 2016 Presidential election and (b) has tried so many fake accusations since 2016 that We the People all know that this “impeachment” nonsense is just an attempt to trick ignorant and misinformed Fake News viewers into thinking President Trump did something wrong. We the People all know that Trump has done NOTHING that is impeachable, and we know that Democrat Party leaders know that, too.

The Democrat Party has become such a laughingstock in America that  CNN/Media viewers believe a word they say. Intelligent Americans can see that the Democrats are simply DESPERATE – with a capital “D” – because they have no one who can even challenge Donald Trump for the 2020 election. Democrats are done, and they know it. Their ongoing attacks on the President of the United States has only made us all even MORE aware of how pitiful, immoral and unethical today’s Democrat Party really is.

SWEEP DEMOCRATS OUT 2020! ~ RIGHT-MINDED suggests that every American vote a completely Republican ticket this 2020 Presidential election. That’s right – despite the Republican Party’s own shortcomings and corrupt members, compared to the Democrat Party, the Republicans are GOLDEN! Sweeping Democrats out of Congress would send a clear message that divisive and belligerent Liars and Haters won’t be tolerated in service to We the People – these radical and immature Democrats do not represent the people of America – not in the House of Representatives and not in the US Senate. REPUBLICANS SWEEP in 2020! is our cry for this upcoming 2020 Presidential and Congressional elections.

Check back for more great RIGHT-MINDED memes coming up for the 2020 elections! Our RIGHT-MINDED memes, like we intend to keep America, are always free!

November 6, 2019 ~ RIGHT-MINDED isn’t afraid to stick our neck out on this one: President Trump will not be impeached – period. The desperate Democrats know this, and the Republicans know this. Ray Charles could see there are no impeachable offenses to point to – the desperate Democrat Party is so desperate that they’re using Adolph Hitler ally Joseph Goebels quote as the basis of the Democrat Party/Mainstream Media plan to overthrow the President of the United States right now:  “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Are you one of those people who are feeding yourself Mainstream Media propaganda every day and hearing  the Democrat Party lies over and over and over?  Have you wondered why the Media repeats things again and again, on every Fake News channel, from CNN, MSNBC to ABC, CBS and NBC? Now you know: The Media, in collusion with the Democrat Party leaders, are targeting YOU, the unsuspecting American who is too busy making ends meet to research any of the lies propogated by this Democrat Party/Mainstream Media effort to overthrow the U.S. Government. They are targeting YOU, telling lies BIG enough and repeated OFTEN enough that you will eventually believe them! NEWS FLASH: They are STILL LIES! No matter how often they are repeated, no matter how big the lies, they are still lies.

So far, every failed effort against President Trump and every accusation/lie has failed to take down the U.S. Government and in fact, it has been discovered that the opposite is really true about all of these lies! The Democrat Party colluded with Russia. Justice Kavanaugh was completely innocent of any wrongdoing as Ford’s attorney admitted it was all a fabrication! Donald Trump isn’t “Racist” – the Democrat Party are the Racists!!  Democrat Party lies always include a race reference, which is the sign of a Racist. In fact, the only people who “see Racists” are the Racists themselves! The rest of us don’t see color – we don’t see color – we see the content of a person’s character! THAT should be what’s questioned and what is pointed out about a person, not that “the first BLACK woman blahblahblah…” That’s racist. Stop defining everyone by the color of their skin, Racists!

And it is the Democrat Party members – Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and Mitt Romney (RINO) who are guilty of facilitating their sons involvement with the Ukraine government – not President Donald Trump.

The Democrat Party and the Mainstream Media, clearly partnering now and not ‘reporting the news’ any longer, have lost all credibility in the minds and hearts of the masses, the strong Patriot American People who are NOT brainwashed by Mainstream Media propaganda, and the Democrat Party and the Mainstream Media continue to lie, like a 7th grader who hasn’t learned the value of telling the truth yet.

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebels    

Don’t watch CNN or the other Mainstream Media Fake News shows and you won’t be lied to. That’s our suggestion for all Americans.

Be blessed, and be a blessing…

November  5, 2019 ~ Welcome to Right-Minded.net, where we talk about what’s Right, what’s wrong, what’s Left and what We the People can do about it all.

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