Original progressive Rock/Pop band REVOLUTIONARY led by recording artist DON COBB is bringing hope and courage to an America who has been tormented and antagonized and deceived for years by traitors and Globalist conspirators who sit in America’s Congress.

”America’s Founders didn’t fight and die for nothing” says Cobb. “The betrayal of America by Progressive Globalists has a lot of Americans scratching their heads”, Cobb continues. “Using the Globalist-owned American media corporations for propaganda has given these Globalist traitors the opportunity to confuse the least informed Americans, but fortunately, the atheist Globalists have totally over-estimated their influence on American citizens and have overplayed their hand, inadvertently revealing  to all Americans what traitors the Leftwing politicians, and some Rightwing politicians, Hollywood and the Mainstream Media, really are now. It is time for all American Patriots to unite against this Globalist traitor effort to bring the USA down. God bless America, baby! God bless the USA!”

With high energy, Rock/pop songs that express gratitude and hope for this blessed nation, Don Cobb and company are rallying faithful Americans to stand our ground against this attempted Globalist takeover of the American government. Cobb concludes our interview with “Not on my shift – let the American people arise and take our nation back”.

Amen, Don Cobb, and amen REVOLUTIONARY – Rock on for America!

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